fresco colorwash and the tables

nicethymeFebruary 4, 2007

The walls - I smeared with joint compound, primed then painted a dark blue. Now I have made a lighter blue glaze and started color washing yesterday.

I didn't know if Dh would be ok with that look but it's worked out that he didn't like the dark blue and is happy to see it go lighter (whew)

the tables were a pickled pink color with magic marker and paint stains (the youngest dd is now almost 6 so I think we're through that phase) so I stripped them. I painted the top panel sage green and crackle glazed to match a bookcase that I did years ago. Then I started with a creamy yellow that I'm also doing on all the trim of the room, now I've highlighted with 2 darker values of that yellow and some burnt sienna. Can you belive Dh actually likes them! shocking!

this one's still in the kitchen and the lighting is more yellow, it matches the coffee table, just not in the pic!

I tried to tell Dh that I've controlled my inner mosaicer with all these surfaces and all I'm asking for is the pendant light - still no go. but I did break the news that I've ordered glass for the bathroom door and he was cool with that... another WHEW! lol

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Oh I guess you can see it in the photo, just barely make out the stripes on the tops of the tables... I had intended to do a crosshatch but Dh likes it like this so there's a then diagonal stripe on the yellow portion on the tops. I did it by taping them off.

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Very nice - can I send mine to several things that need such a pretty finish???? LOL!! you do very nice work....keep working on DH, he may come around on the pendant light yet!!


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I have a feeling, Nicethyme, that you are slowly, project by project, knocking the foundation out from under your Hubby's objections! Everything you've shown us is truly beautiful!! It can be really hard for someone without "Artistic Vision" to trust what they can't see, but how can he not come to trust your "Vision" when the results are so great! Just keep doing your thing, Nicethyme, transforming the ordinary into the outstanding. Eventually you'll get your hands on that pendant light WITH his blessing!


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Lovely job . . .

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I really love those paint jobs. I agree sometimes people just don't have the same vision, but eventually come over to the bright side. Paint is a wonderful tool to impart some personality in a room.

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GREAT job Nice! Paint is such an easy way to transform something ordinary into a work of art! Someone else may have the same table, chair, whatever, but it won't look like YOURS!

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Beautiful... Will you come to my house?? I want to do a paint treatment to my walls..but I'm scared. Can't seem to decide on a color either.

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LOL Tasymo, he and I are going on 19 years this month and he still doesn't trust my vision. It doesn't help that we are 2 very different styles, he's a colonial style, square box kinda guy and I like funky abstract stuff. He can only tolerate so much, so I restrain my inner muse ALOT! LOL

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nicethyme, you can let yourself go on our little swaps! Maybe get enough out of your system to not throw him in a tizzy when you re-decorate!

I REALY need to do my walls, yours came out so nice!!


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Great job on painting, girlie. Little by little, you'll win him over. To some, you have to prove yourself. Beautiful job.

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I love what you did on your walls. I did one with brown shades, and my hubby was freaked when he saw the paint in the cans. I waited till he was at work to do it. He was amazed at the result. He even said " I'm not worried anymore! I don't have vision like you do, so I'll have to trust you" With those words I went nuts here!

I love your tables too. Never would've thought to move to the furniture. Great job!!


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