I am off my feet and mosaics awhile :(

siriusmosaicsFebruary 18, 2008

I have for the last week, tried to tell myself it was just pains of getting old. I was wrong. I have had my synovial cyst in my lower back come back and also more problems with my degenerating L5 facet joint. It causes pain down to my knees, constant, constant mind clouding type. There is no relief if sitting, standing, walking, laying. So to get up and grind away, or sit and cut glass is out of the question. It will be enough sitting at a desk everyday. I will, however, be here as I can to see everyone's wonderful projects. Hopefully I can get this under control within a month.

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Oh Sirius,I feel your pain,I mean I really feel your pain.i have suffered with sciatica and bursitis in my hip and all the way down my leg to my ankle for 35 yrs..this past year has been pure h---,I'm now getting steriod shots in my spine and hip ,whcih helps some but it never goes away,i also have degeneration but hey at almost 70 I would expect that.my other pain started when i was young like you..I just keep going but you can't give up...i DO know exactly what king of pain you are talking about and unless you have had it now one can understand.It is mindclouding and no pill's work.Bless you,I pray yours doesn't last the rest of your life like mine has.I find even tho it hurts mosaic taked my mind off of it when I work.Annie

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Hope you can get that pain under control and feel better soon!!

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Thanks you guys.

I found some tiles in my craft room, so I am going to try using beads and tiles to cover an Easter egg - something that doesn't require any cutting or grinding. I have to keep my hands busy somehow.

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I also have suffered from back pain most of my adult life, incl. bursitis in the hip, and sciatica and trouble with L5. I really symphatize. What I found helps is gentle yoga, but first the pain has to subside a little.
Amazing how many people have back problems, I wonder why.
My daughter has had 2 back surgeries.
Take care, hope you'll feel better soon.

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Sorry to hear this! You're so creative at drawing patterns from photo's etc. Maybe start a sketch book of ideas?
Hope you're better soon!

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I am sending healing thoughts your way. (all of you )
I am so sorry that you have so much pain. Perhaps when the warmer weather rolls around you'll feel the spring in your step again.( but I hope it's sooner than Spring)

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Oh man, sorry you are hurting. Try and take it easy and get some relief from the pain.

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So sorry to hear that you are going through this. Hope you get some relief soon. On "keeping your hands busy" - I think Bama's suggestion is a good one - the sketch book of ideas...excellent! And how about cross stitch - have you ever done that? That would keep those hands very busy!! They have some absolutely gorgeous kits with everything you need in them.

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I never thought there would be others who have problems like me. I have started sketching and going through my inspiration folder to look for new ideas.

Lyn, I used to do cross stitch for years, I do have a whole container full of stuff I can look through.

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Oh Sirius, I'm so sorry that you're going through this. It must be aweful! Sending you recuperation vibes ASAP!!! I hope the pain recedes very quickly for you

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Will keep a positive thought for you to get better, soon!

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I had a cyst on my tail bone removed .. It will get better - promise ! Till then - take it easy & follow doc's instructions .....

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