madhabitzFebruary 23, 2007

I am finally getting around to setting up a gallery on the website and have been running into some funny images in my archives. A body gets pretty desperate at times to find decent subject matter-- the main thing is to just keep shooting.

So here's the deal: I used to have an office at a client's place. For whatever reason, this office complex was deluged with blackbirds for several months out of the year. To get to your car across the parking lot, you had to use an unbrella... because if you didn't you were sure to end up with a few ploppers in your hair (ewww!)

So anyway, back to a photographer's desperation: some of those ploppers were pretty elaborate, some incredibly graceful. Line, layers, shapes, values. Some of those ploppers had it all. I did a whole series of images using them .... and yeah, they are sorta "matchy" with mirroring, but there you go.

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... there's got to be a joke in there somewhere

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Hey, girlie. Just happened to be browsing this morning, finishing up my pot of coffee, when I switched to this side. You are a piece of work! These are fantastic images. Have you thought of putting them into a mosaic?? The first one looks like a female torso or sorts, the second a sea creature. BEAUTIFUL!

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Only our Mad, would take pictures of bird poop!!!
hahaha........have to admit they are pretty cool pics.

So what happened with your bowl? I think I read you threw
it out? Are you still in for the swap bowl?


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Maybe someday into a mosaic, but more likely someday into a collage of sorts. They make me laugh because of their origins, but when I can quit thinking about what they are, I'm fascinated by the layers and shapes.

Hazie, I really did dump the bowl. I'd been working outside and the grout dried within about twenty minutes. Hard as granite. I even tried to chisel it off with an screwdriver and hammer, but I couldn't even get a chip out of it. Too bad, so sad... but another lesson learned, so better now on my experiment bowl than something down the road.

Yup yup, I'm still in for the swap!

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Very cool photos! Just shows you can find beauty in all sorts of things


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mad- u are awesome!!! I have a picture from last summer that my hubby and I were taking--it is really quite awesome it is a piece of dog poo covered with bees and just the bee thing was really cool if you got over the fact that it was on dog poo..but then that is what photography is about isn't Im going to check out your web site!! Ta ta

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Awww Man!! I can't see your bird poop!!! Just little red X's. I hope you can get 'em back up again.

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