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schoolhouse_gwMarch 1, 2014

Lavendar Lass - I know we're not suppose to call out members but I wanted to make sure you saw the thread in the Old House Forum about the derelict house in Ireland the young girl is in love with and wants to buy. Komby(?) posted a link to a full screen view of the house further down on the thread - drool. It's not a small house but I thought of you and know you post here often.

Moderators, sorry if this is a no-no.

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Schoolhouse- Thank you! That is such a wonderful house and does look like a fairy tale :)

I hope she can make it work. If I had the money...and a way to ship horses to Ireland...LOL What a view!

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Lass, you gave great advice about her not buying the property with her boyfriend. I've seen friends split and leave the other holding the bag so to speak.

Can you imagine what that house and property must have been like way back when? She will need alot of money and free labor I'm afraid to make it liveable again.

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Here are a few pictures, if anyone wants to see them...

From [Kitchen plans]( From [Kitchen plans](

It was probably beautiful at one time! It still is, if you don't look too close. I hope someone (maybe this gal) can bring it back to its former glory! :)

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