HGTV Green Home

terryinmdMarch 10, 2008

I posted this on the conversations side, but no replies, so will try again here.

I can see a few things I would change, but overall I like the plan. One thing they aren't telling us yet is what the square footage is, or how big any of the rooms are.

I would turn the porch off the bedroom and living room into a greenhouse, and I would build a basement for the mechanicals in order to make the bedrooms and sitting area on the second floor bigger.

Do you like it, what would you change?

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Definately more bedrooms. It looks like it only has 3 total. It's cute though.

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I loved the pantry off of the kitchen and how it leads you to other areas...I like the plan...

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One thing I like about it is that you can see from the front door all the way through to the screened porch. Kind of a modified Shotgun?
I like all the natural light, but I want a place for a TV in the living room. You wouldn't get a view of the lake in the evening anyhow.

I think the garage/laundryroom could be tweaked to allow direct entry from the garage.

DH and I are almost empty nesters, and I like having the master on the ground floor so that at some point we could stop climbing stairs.

Our lot slopes down from the street side to the water side, so we could easily have a walkout basement.

One thing I noticed is that the floor plan has builtins for the bedroom and dining room, but the pictures show freestanding furniture instead.

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I think this one was built sans basement due to the area. No one here has basements; too many problems with moisture, I guess. Though with the recent tornado, I was missing my midwestern basement, I can tell you! I actually drove out to see it a few days ago, but it wasn't ready.

It's very pretty and I'm glad HGTV decided to build a green one this time. The neighborhood it's in is going to be very nice, walkable, etc.

the style of home where you see all the way through is used a lot in the South-- it's the old way of providing airflow, actually. It's not feng shui, but it does work, and goodness knows we need all of the airflow we can get here in the summer!

I'll post again after I've walked through it. I'm going to a party for its unveiling soon...

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What is a HGTV Green Home?

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We saw it yesterday. It was a very cute, small house. The people on hand to direct visitors through the house were charming, but knew very little about the house, it's construction, the vegetation or even the concept of green.

I think it's a nice attempt, but this development is the antithesis of "green", given the large scale clearing and filling and dirt moving...

But, yes, it's a nice little "not so big" house.

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