budsterNovember 25, 2008

What is on the masterplan for the divas this Christmas? Are you sewing up a storm of dresses? I've been meaning to ask and wonder if you had posted the information somewhere else on the site.....I promise not to tell and I'm sure Santa won't. I keep wondering how hot your machines are running with all your divas to please. Hello down there, I'm waving out of my sewing room (meaning dining room window) at you. Budster

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I hope after Christmas to have pictures of the 3 sisters matching twirl skirts and a t-shirt dress for oldest. I did it out of the leopard santa. I did Mad a set and one of the others a set too with blue jeans. I have one more petti skirt to make before Monday. Chief Diva turns 10 on dec 3rd.!!!!!
Mother has been under the weather, it has gotten cold here already and she's having a lot of join pain. We're doing a holiday market on 12/6 so we're getting ready for that too.

This is a University of AL outfit.

Leopard Santa

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You never fail to come up with something stiking! I love this idea. Diva 1 is growing up much too quickly!!! You will have to tell her to slow down, as you have many more outfits she has to fit into (although I see you doing lots of bridal gowns, bridesmaids, etc. with your gang of divas all lined up wanting Auntie to get busy). Your Baby Diva is just a doll, I can see her bringing her toy machine to your house to join in your sewing fun when Diva 1 and you are sewing up a storm. Sorry to hear about your Mom not feeling up to par...fingers crossed she will be on the mend soon. Christmas so close and so much sewing to do! Now get off the computer and get back your machine! Budster

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Susan has had me embroidering on toilet paper!!! But I have been kinda slow doing it. I have fibromyalgia & don't know whether it's my pain source or the Arimidex that I have to take 5 years. One of it's side effects is joint & muscle pain. I figure it's the combination. I got a report on a study of Arimidex completed the last of Oct stating people with the worst cases with the side effects are coming back with lower reoccurence scores. I ought to be on that list for sure.

Baby diva thinks she is as big as her sisters. She's been ill lately....but not to ill to want to try on new clothes. Almost 14 months & no teeth so we figure that's her problem. The other two were late cutters too where Susan had 2 teeth by 3 months.

I have a few more ideas I want to get done for the craft show. SIL may have to man booth in my place. I think he's enjoyed the ones he's helped with. This is our first time to participate in this one & it's in it's 3rd year. We will know more about what to expect next year. It's inside so that beats the summer & early fall things when you can't predict weather. You freeze, burn up, get rained on or blown away!!!

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