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lizinnhMarch 18, 2007

I have a 1960 ranch. We have a breezeway between the house and the garage. It is a narrow space and had louvered windows so it was seasonal. We have replaced the windows but are left with a space with a door to the garage, one to the kitchen, and one to the side door. The room also has 5 windows. What can I do with a narrow space with so many openings? This area is being used as a pass through, but I am trying to brainstorm a more functional use for this space. Any ideas?

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Sounds like a great space for lots of plants. Is there room for a small reading area? Or, do you need a place to put hooks for coats, a spot for muddy boots, etc.? I would think in terms of what type of space you need and go from there.

I'm wondering how this breezeway is oriented -- does one side face the street and the other side the back yard? Do you have a garden in your back yard that the one side looks out to? You could put shades (bamboo?) on the street side for privacy, but leave the "room" open to the back yard/garden. If the space is wide/big enough, I'm thinking that plants and a small chair could make it a mini getaway space, i.e. for coffee in the morning.


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I'd love to have a breezway to do something with. How big is this and is it enclosed on all sides? Windows on one side, door on the other to outside or are there two doors to the inside of house and one to garage?

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That sounds like a great bonus space. Could you make it into a garden room? Some wicker furniture, iron plant stands and plants. It would be a great place for breakfast or dinner.


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Okay the layout, on the left is a door to the garage in the center of the wall, in the back are 3 windows overlooking the back yard and the side of the garage, on the right side is a door to the kitchen in the center of the wall, on the front is a door to the front side steps and two windows. My husband believes the room is 12x12. It seems more long and narrow to me (maybe because of the doors on either end give it a bowling alley feel.)

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Liz...you have a great size room to create a wonderful sitting area, reading, garden room. I'm an artist, would grab an area immediately to create...especially with all the windows.

Are the walls the outside of house and garage? You could adapt these to decor, depending upon your preference such as cottage, SW, etc. Since it is a traffic area...I'd paint the floor a pattern to match your style, depending upon the floor type. Or add brick pavers which I saw done in a house I was looking at. The brick warmed up from the window's sun for heat.

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Wow, 12 x 12! That's a real room as far as I'm concerned. You can definitely have a small cafe table and two chairs, or a small comfy reading chair, an artists' nook, or garden room. I'm having a case of breezeway envy right now! Would love to have a little outdoors room like that.

Can we see any pics?


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If you have kids, it sounds like it would make a great playroom - can keep an eye on them from the kitchen.
I like the idea of a garden room too - lots of plants, a wicker sofa you can relax on with a book.
If you really use it more as a hallway, you could put in built-in cupboards for storage (I always want more organized storage space!)
Also would make a great craft or sewing space.
Do have photos?

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Wow! That would be my new sewing/craft room in a heartbeat.

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Liz - That's not a breezeway, it's more like a 3-season porch. I would have my wicker loveseat, chairs and coffe table in there, plus if room, my little bistro table and the 2 bistro chairs. Enjoy!!! A porch is a great way to have more room in the summer, especially if you live in a buggy area like I do. I think everyone here thought you were describing a 5x7 windowed hallway or something. 12x12 is an actual room.

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Are you in Florida? I never heard of breezeways other than here. My dad's house had a breezeway with the jalousie windows on both sides, with a door to outside, door to garage and door into the main house. My dad literally LIVED in this room - had his comfy chair to watch TV and even a couch/bed. This was his room after my mom died. I love those rooms - many possibilities, and very cool in every way!

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Gypsyrose, your Dad's room sounds just like mine. It had the jalousie windows but living in NH we wanted windows that would allow for year round use. We got a great deal on Harvey windows and put them in. We repainted the paneling in a yellow colorwash so it looks more cheerful, put down a carpet, and now with the layout I am unsure what to do.

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My parents' house had a room something like this. It my father finished it off gradually over time. First, he installed full-length windows at the front which had formerly had a door with windows on both sides of it. On the back side, he installed a sliding glass door. He installed indoor/outdoor carpeting. It was furnished with patio furniture and had a wrought iron glass top dining table. It became the summer living room/ dining room. The bird cage also went out there in the summer.

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