Tag Sale Singer merritt 1872 $20.00 question?

mtddigsNovember 28, 2013

I recently purchased a singer 1872 at a tag sale for $20.00 Its in great shape and easy for me to figure out. I purchased a manual on line for $4.00 I had some knowledge of sewing machines, I used to own a dry cleaning business, we had several tailors working there. I did help with the figuring out of repairs and alteration but not the actual work (sewing). I am not in that business any longer. I had always thought it would be handy to have a sewing machine at home. I have used it to do several repairs and some jean hems (watched a video on youtube) I bought some threads and notions at the $1 store. I also bought some needles at a sewing store and they check out my machine and showed me how to thread it. I also played with the tension and read about that online so I now know how to adjust it. I must saw it has a very nice straight stitch when you have the right needle and adjustment. ok here is the question the machine is a basic older model several zig zag choices, stitch length, and reverse. It does not have a bland stitch feature which I think would come in handy. I have played with the idea of doing this manually and have practiced it. Sewing a straight seam and then using the lever to zig zag one stitch to catch on the edge of the hem. Its a little tricky and maybe not worth the effort ....... what do the experts think, swap it out for another ? try to learn how to do the blind stitch ? I don't want a new plastic machine, I like the idea of older sturdy machines. Plus I don't want to invest much

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would want a machine with blind stitch as I use it all the time. There are vintage machines that have that feature. My Mom's Singer 401A from the 60s had it as did her Viking from the 70s. Buying vintage is great, but maybe not that one. I'd also look for one that does multiple stitch zig zag as that is very useful for sewing with knits as is an overcast stitch.

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I read about the 401a that is a very sought after model, I have played with the needle, it has a variable needle knob( center, left and right) A machine blind stitch is basically a straight stitch for a few, then it reaches over and does a zig zag (one stitch) in the crease of the hem. Do you think a blind hem foot would help. I have tried it manual, by moving over the needle and to put that one stitch in the hem crease. So far with a little practice, it looks ok, I will keep looking around for another older machine with this feature. I agree the overlock seems useful too

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