Posting progress on small home building

pokesaladMarch 16, 2007

Hi all,

I haven't been on here in a while as we are still in the process of building our small home. I know that there are a few more who frequent this forum who are building. Would like to know how you are doing.

We are wiring this weekend. Boy it seems it's slow at times getting it done and everything falling into place. We broke ground June 23 of last year. We are hoping to be moved in around mid April. It's funny now, but in October we were naively thinking that we might move in by New years lol.

No such luck :)

There is a thread over on home building forum but it's so large and with my slow dial up I was drowning so thought I'd start a thread here. Hope to hear from all of you soon :)

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Congrats on your new home and have fun moving in. These kinds of projects always seem to take forever while doing them. When you look back you can't believe what all you did. I think you did extremely well considering you broke ground in June of last year and are almost done. I do hope you will post some pictures for us to see. What is your sq. footage of your new home?


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We broke ground Feb 12th and now have a roof. 1600 sq feet on a golf course BUT - close enough to a tee so we're not in REAL harms way.

Facing south is great for people that love sunlight!!

May 31 is the scheduled closing!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rod and DJ's House Building Adventure

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pokesalad - why so long - what has been the holdup ???

We're looking at 107 days from groundbreaking to moving in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rod and DJ's House Building Adventure

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Thank you so much, you are so right about seeming like forever :)
House is a steel frame (pole barn type) sq footage is 1500 with big front porch that will be 600 sq ft. (now that's what I can't wait to get done. Plan on spending lots of time on that porch. I am going out to take some pics today and will post them in the next few days.

Wow! 107 days that is quick! The holdup was that we only had the empty shell put up by a crew and we are doing all the rest of the inside. Once husband gets home from work, eats, rests a little he's out there hitting it lol :)
So glad you posted a link to your blog. I'm going to visit it today, I love your home, it's beautiful! Our home is facing the south also.

Next will be insulation and then sheet rock, ugh..

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AHHH - YOU were building, not you ARE building! Yea - big difference.

I know that according to our new neighbors there are workers with lights on their helmets at 6 in the morning when they were putting on the roof.

talking to our builder the invention of the air hammer has almost doubled the speed in which they can frame a house house.

Windows and shingles went in yesterday.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rod & DJs House Building Adventure

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107 days! I wish. My house is being renovated and we started in June of 2005 and are nowhere near compete. In fact, I've been living with my in-laws for close to 10 months!!! I would have given my left eye to be done in 107 days. OP = I hope things are going well and that you're moving in soon. Best of Luck.

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Hi There! We are just about to start building our new smallish home. It's 1800 sqft, about equal to our current home which my husband built about 10 years ago. We are having some of the framing done and hiring subs for the plumbing. Otherwise we are doing it ourself. We expect to take a year too.

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Well, I found a can of paint dated 3/13/06 from painting the shop, which means we are coming up on a year of living in the shop and and starting the house build. I am happy to say I have started priming and soon will be painting the interior of the house and then we can move in, though it will be a while until it is completely finished.

After that I can head outside and stain the exterior. No rest for the wicked, they say, so we must have been particularly bad. :-)

So far though we are very pleased with how everything has turned out and look forward to being able to enjoy life again.


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Our foundation is a slab on stemwall and the slab will be the finsihed floor. One problem I didn't consider is that we needed at least two days of no rain for the slab to be poured. Otherwise there'd be "rain dimples". That can be a tough find in a NW Washington winter. Finally this Monday we got the pour, lumber has been delivered, and we'll be seeing framing soon. Hope to be in during August. Tom

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Two years, and we're still not through. We are first-time designers and owner/builders, doing some of the work ourselves and working with money from savings (but, the money ran out). The living area in the house is only 1,720 sq ft, but the rear-attached garage is 960 sq ft and the front porch is full width and the side porch is not exactly tiny. It's a large corner lot (large by this modest-neighborhood's standards), and is in North San Antonio, very close to all the conveniences. We looked FOREVER in order to find the "perfect" lot, and where we could park the motorhome in the backyard. We lived in the big motorhome during most of the construction (we had full RV hookups 6 months after we started framing). The major delays were due to the fact that I wanted everything done right, and insisted on doing a lot of it myself (I work slow). The house has 10 ft walls/ceilings and all windows and all doors (including garage doors) are 8 ft tall. All exterior is of NON-wood construction, and the idea is to reduce the maintenance. I also have to say that we've taken some time off, here and there, to go motorhoming and fishing.
Right now, my wife and I are installing this vinyl fence on the side of the house. As we speak, I am fabricating a steel frame for the big 14 ft gate. I will attach fence panels to the steel gate in order to make it look like the rest of the fence. I will post another photo when we finish bricking the front steps and after we install the vinyl railings/ballustrades on the front porch.
BTW you can make out the motorhome, by the tree where we've had many picnics :-)

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Love reading what stage everyone is at in the building process. As for me, I never want to see another piece of sheetrock as long as I live lol.
We started hanging sheetrock around the 20th of April and haven't finished yet. Photo is of kitchen pantry.

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We are into our 3rd year. Hubby is building it himself. Its about 1650 in sq footage. Its not square and was quite complex for someone thats not a builder.
We are worried Zoning is getting tired of issueing us a permit.
heres a link, the second album is currently where we are.

Here is a link that might be useful: house album

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