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Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I've been lurking on GW for awhile but glad I found the SH forums today. I have been looking on kitchen and home building forums and have to say those are beautiful homes, some even magazine worthy. I like to think I have nice taste but I honestly don't have the budgets they do.

We just sold our townhome (on the market since last Aug 2011 & we close april 20th, 2012) and are moving up from 1350 sq ft to a little over 2000 sq ft. We are just starting to build and we were interested in affordable appliances. The pictures of the sub-zero, viking and wolf's are all beautiful but to be honest, not in our budget at the moment. Sure I guess we could splurge on them and the house therefore as well, but I have this fear of being house poor :)

I would love to hear some recommendations for appliances. We were looking to get ss and really like the frigidare pro line which we could get a great deal on at a high end store in their discount section (scratch and dent, floor models, etc) but they don't get such good reviews on this site. Don't get me wrong we do like nice things and don't mind paying but at some point I think (well I know at least we do) have to put a budget in place.

Thank you,


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There is actually an appliances forum. You might have better luck posting there with your budget and your must-haves for the appliances (ie., ice/water in door, french doors, BTUs in burners, dual fuel, stainless, etc.). Those folks know their stuff over there. Alternatively, you could try the same thing at the Kitchens forum where those folks are focused on that particular room.

Personally, we have a Kitchen Aid french-door fridge without ice/water in the door. It has an interior cold water spigot. So far it has been problem-free and looks great. We have a Kitchen Aid gas range and it has been good. We have a Bosch DW and it has been fabulous (it's the third one we've had in three houses). You do need to pop it open at the end to let the water on the plastics evaporate, but almost all DW are like that now.

As for the Wolf, Sub-Zero, Viking, etc., only you can determine if that's what you want or need. I would say get those if (1) it is the standard for your neighborhood and you'll be selling in the next 5-10 years, (2) if they suit the style and finish level of your home or (3) if you really want them and money isn't an issue.

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mine is still going strong after 14 yrs. it's an Admiral I think. I paid about 800.00 for it in '98. no ice/water on the front. I can't use one like that so why pay for the extra of it being on there.

I'd say go with what you like and want and can afford w/o going hog wild on it. I can't see paying the prices some do for them. mine is one of the smaller ones as it is only me here.

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Are you putting in all new appliances in your new house?

A lot of kitchens on the Kitchen Forum are high end, but a lot are just regular kitchens too. I've seen people list their appliances that came from Sears, etc.

We buy our appliances from an appliance store. Not only do they have the scratch & dent section, but they are more likely to give a discount when multiple appliances are purchased.

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I think you're very wise to avoid being house poor. I bought my Kenmore washer and dryer used in 1997 and they are still going strong. I think I paid $200.00 for both! I've had to have them serviced a few times, but I love Kenmores. I also bought a simple Kenmore refrigerator at the same time at Sears for $400.00. It's still working perfectly. I just need to replace one of the crisper drawers. I prefer to stay cash heavy, so I bought an air conditioner used at the Salvation Army. I paid $35.00 on a 50% off sale day. It's in excellent shape. It's a Daewoo.
My gas stove is an old Magic Chef and it has been awesome! I had to have the oven fixed once, but I cook and bake everyday, and haven't had any other problems. I think the stove is quite old, but some of those old stoves really were built to last. When I replace it, I will probably buy a vintage or antique stove that's been restored.

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those older ones did last - new ones, not so much!

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Hi Chris! Congrats on your new build. I myself am building, but smaller at 1250ish sq feet. I am in the same boat, I tend to lurk on the kitchen and appliance forum and get wound up in stuff I can't afford.

I am leaning towards Sears for mine for a Kenmore suite of appliances. They run good sales every so often so I hope to catch one before the build is done. I had Kenmore's in my last apartment and they were great. The Frigidare stuff in my current apartment I don't like.

Anyways, I have no concrete advice but wanted to just wish you luck on your build and appliance search.

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Hi, Chris. I like the Frigidaire brand. I think Electrolux bought them out, but they were still being made in the US last time I checked.

Not a fridge, but we got a stacking laundry center Frigidaire brand, and that's been about 4 years ago, never a moment's trouble with it. Front loading, High Efficiency. It sucks water out of the clothes so drying takes only a short time.

I also have a Frigidaire small window A/C and that is now 3 years old and going strong. Good features on it too.

We bought our washer/dryer at Sears, and the window a/c at Lowes. If you have a good place to give a bargain price, I think you'd be wise to shop there.

A strategy for buying the appliances is to buy from where you get a good deal, and put them on a credit card that gives you "reward" points, even if you pay it off entirely. That will also give you more rights to complain if the seller does not perform as promised. Don't do the cash advance route, put it on the credit card, unless the store has its own credit set up. Some these days will give you a long time without any interest if you pay it off within a year I think....but these things change all the time.

Don't get an extended warranty. We never do that. It is a waste of your money in most cases.

I had a Sears brand small washer and dryer for a long time. I think they called it apartment sized. For one person or small families it is fine, just not really heavy duty for bed spreads and comforters. The dryer is electric and it runs on 110 power, just a regular plug-in circuit. They are charging more for them these days, not as simple as they used to be. I really like the Frigidaire stacking laundry which came from Sears, now that I am married. DH gets AWFUL DIRTY.

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I can recommend our range. It's a gas Kenmore with some high-powered burners and a convection oven. One of the burners is 17k and one is 14k. We've had it for several years with no problems, though I've never tried to use the automatic cleaning function for fear of frying the electronics. I think we paid about $1100 for it.

If I had it to do all over again, I would buy the same range but in the backless, slide-in version. I think the slide-ins look more upscale, and you can also put big pots and pans on the back burners without bumping into the backguard.

For example, this range looks pretty upscale and has high BTU burners and a convection oven, and good reviews.

You can bring the cost down quite a bit by shopping during a Friends & Family sale and just plain bargaining with the salesperson.

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Wow, that is some more range!!
I'm reloading the link to it below, making it easier for folks to just click and go.

It is the Kenmore Elite gas range. Looks like it can do everything.

I got the Elite dishwasher, and have had no problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Elite gas range

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