Cutting out panels

shakushinnenNovember 22, 2005


I am trying to cut panels out of polyester for an umbrella canopy, but am having trouble getting a straight, non ragged edge. They measure ~ 11"(base) x28"(high). I layed the material on the floor and taped it down, with just enough tension to keep it flat; Then I put my cardboard template on top and traced around it. After removing the tape, I cut the triangles out, only to find that the edges are not straight, but ragged and irregular. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how I can do this and get straight edged perfect triangles?



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Sounds like you just need a good pair of scissors. I like KAI, but if you don't want to spend alot, then at least a new pair made for cutting fabrics will do.

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I got new scissors and was amazed at how much nicer they cut through fabric than my old pair - that quite honestly had been used to cut god knows what by my three boys.

I also have a cutting wheel that if used with a ruler/straight edge cuts through several thicknesses real nice. You need to have a mat underneath to protect your surface.

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Hi ShadyLady2u/Carol,
I have a pair of SoftKUT scissors. They're very nice, but not being a fabric person I have no idea where they fall in the scissor's awards.
Thanks for the idea about the cutting wheel Carol. I tried a scalpel and it made a nice clean cut. The panels look a lot better. Is there a special technique for the laying the fabric out before cutting so as not to stretch it too much in any one direction?

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I'm not familar with SoftKut, so can't comment on them, but a good pair should cut like butter and not stretch the fabric. They should be at least 9" or 10" and termed Dressmaker or Tailor's shears. They also should be sharpened once in a while. Perhaps use some weights instead of tape to hold the fabric still and it would probably help if you could use a large table instead of the floor.

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Thanks ShadyLady2u,
I'll try that.

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i have an idea for someone who is smarter then the 5th grader. I am not a sewer but i want to know if it is possible for someone to make a pattern of panels to make replacement patio umbrella canopy. I would think that it could be done by placing ties 2 or 3 of them per rib. And i think that if someone made the pattern, they would become very rich. It is a shame to have to pay to buy new umbrella's all the time, also they can be made with your own selection of material. I have some beautiful material and want to create one. also have material to make replacement covers for table chairs for deck, just want to put velcro on them, is this a good idea. someone also told me that they would suggest, because chairs set outside and can get wet to place gromets in the cushions so that water can be released. thank you for all your assistance

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You can make your own pattern to recover you umbrella. It just requires a good tape measure and some time. Don't forget to add seam allowances. I'd make french seams.
You can buy marine grade foam from any company that makes boat cushions. it's made to dry quickly. You can also buy a gromet that has a screen in the center if you are concerned about moisture.

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To get a perfect triangle that's straight do not try to cut the entire triangle make a half triangle. Fold your material over from one side to fit the bottom of the triangle, place on the half side on the fold. This will give you a straight grain triangle that won't twist and pucker when sewing.

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if this is not outdoor fabric it won't last outside in the sun and you have to take into consideration the weight of the fabric when wet and the time it will take to dry. If you are using waterproofing you have to make sure your fabric will take the waterproofing and the cost of both the fabric and waterproofing

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