Where is Smaller Homes?

Elraes MillerMarch 2, 2013

Has anyone noticed that the Decorator's Forum no longer shows Smaller Homes at the top of Forum listings? Wonder why they took us away. Anyone new would have to search or look through the Home listings to find us.

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Elraes Miller

Sorry , meant Home Decorating forum.

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I didn't know it was ever shown on that forum. In fact, I don't know that I've seen a link to the Smaller homes forum on any other forum I've been on. Probably one reason there isn't a lot of discussion here.

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Elraes Miller

I'm positive It had Smaller Homes shown as an option. But now you would have to look in the Home Forums to find it. Few would think about us unless doing a search.

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Elraes Miller

Now I remember. There was a short note above the Home Decorator page that said "Now we have a Smaller Homes forum" with our link included. And I do think our traffic has slowed way down due to it being taken away.

Marti, thanks for responding.

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We might be small in number, but huge in friendliness and encouragement...or at least everyone has been to me!

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