Ideas for extra space in large MBR

jasminejazzMarch 11, 2009

Hello, I'm just looking for ideas for a few nooks I have in my MBR. The layout is quite odd and am at a loss of what to do with the extra space. The theme I'm after is Moroccan. I have no electronics in the room (TV, stereo, etc.) and will keep it that way. I have a spare bedroom designated as my office so I won't designate any area in the MBR as "work" related. I have a large walk-in closet so I don't have any dressers/armoires or the like and want to keep it that way. I just have a queen size platform bed and a nightstand. I also have two footlockers below the windows that will be replaced with storage benches below the length of the windows. I'm going to place a couch in one nook with half bookcase on both ends. The area (nook "A") that I need help with is raised 43" off the floor, 10'4" wide, 44" deep and is 53" high (to the ceiling). Adjacent to that nook is a wet bar that I'm going to rip out (I don't entertain in my bedroom) which is 49" wide and 28" deep. That will be the other empty space (nook "B"). I thought of placing stairs up to Nook "A" when I rip out the wet bar but what can that space be? I don't want it to be another seating area as I don't bring guests to my MBR to hang out and it's just me and my small dog living here. Follow the link to pics of the nooks in question. I welcome all inputs and suggestions!

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Do you need more closet or storage space? This could be framed out and shelves/doors added. Are you a reader? Great bookcase option. What is under the nook? If nothing it could be removed. I'd love to have this much room to play with.

Link below is your pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: jasmine's nook

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Thanks for your input, emagineer. I have a walk-in closet so I don't need more closet space and I have plenty storage space in the garage. Although I did think of it. I considered putting a series of small bookcases there also with, perhaps, a ladder leading up to it. The stairs to the garage is under the nook (from the entryway which is on the other side of that wall). This room is extremely odd but I love the possibilities.

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i had some extra space in my master bedroom, and it had great sunshine facing south with a beautiful view of the garden..i put in a roll top desk and chair, and now i can sit at the desk and write letters or do paperwork and look out over my garden with such peace and quiet..i totally totally love it.

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One thing to do..........The short wall to the right of the coffee bar is not a supporting wall, and could be ripped out when you rip out the sink and cabinet. This would eliminate one of the "nooks" and open the room up a bit.

If you truly do not need the upper platform for anything useful, I would just put decorative doors over the space and close it off. Maybe sometime down the road you will need more storage space and it will come in handy.

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Definitely odd, but interesting. How about making it into a "safe room" area? Is that carpet on it? If nothing else, I would do as suggested above and put doors on it to use as storage for large items.

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You could replace the bar area with bookshelves. Paint the walls "inside" a nice warm color. Add a small set of stairs in front of the platform. On a heavy duty rod across the top, hang long gauzy fabrics that can be tied back. Add adjustable recessed lighting, and wall lighting. Line the "floor" with some type of padding and add big colorful pillows. Hang a picture on the long wall that can be viewed through the curtains.

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