A crazy idea for kitchen remodeling?

Optimist999May 6, 2012

I will soon be remodelling my kitchen (i.e., my wife and i are planning it, and will hire a contractor to do the work).

There's an item sold for professional kitchens called a "Radiance 4-burner hotplte". It looks like this item could be built-in. I like the industrial look, and the capacity of these burners (32,000 BTU each!). Is this such a crazy idea? here's a link to a picture and description:


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Aside from the fact that 4 burners in 24" practically means only using two of those at a time with any real sized pans on it, and the fact that you would need 15K worth of professional ventilation with fire suppression and makeup air, and your kitchen would potentially need it's own HVAC system for dealing with the amount of heat that would put into it, and the fact that it would constitute a fire hazard to most insurance companies because it's not rated for residential use, and you can not build that in because of that same fire hazard condition because it's not designed to be built in, and the fact that you would probably have to run an entire new gas line straight from your municpalities line at the street to your dwelling to be able to satisfy the demand of this appliance and your home's heating and domestic hot water, then yes, it's still a crazy idea. I don't think you've ever actually worked in a restaurant kitchen or you wouldn't be so eager to create such a hot and dangerous environment in your own home. There IS an Appliance forum FAQ, although it's in the paragraph header to the forum and not at all readily apparent. Here's a link to the relevant info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Commercial Ranges in Residential Kitchens

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