how do I link a product?

Holly- KayMay 4, 2013

I am so excited! I think I have found the hardware for my cabs. I want to know how to link it so I can get feedback.

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Do you want to link a photo of the hardware that you've found on a website?

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Holly- Kay

Yes Suzannes. It is a photo from a hardware site.

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This is a little tricky because I want to show you the html code to make it happen, but the page wants to act onwhat I write. I think I have a work around.

1. go to the photo and click on it while holding down the "option" key. This is a Mac command, if you have a PC you may need some other key besides "option." Try them out. When it works, a list shows up which includes "view image," "copy image," etc. Choose the one that says "copy image location."
WARNING: not all images can be copied, particularly ones that are interactive in some way.

2. write this script: <img src="PASTE IMAGE LOCATION HERE"</img>

Should work. Don't forget the quotation marks before and after the http addy.

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Here's what I do on a PC: I right click the image and a list pops up. Choose Properties (this works for most photos but not all--some have links or programming or something and this doesn't work--properties isn't an option). One of the items that comes up is the address of the image, for example (Google home page logo). This should have an image file extension (png, bmp, jpg, gif, etc). This is the info that goes where suzannesl had "PASTE IMAGE LOCATION HERE."

You can do a google search for something like "how do I use HTML to post images" to find primers on such things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some instructions for posting images

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You can also right click a photo on a mac and choose "Copy Image Address", then proceed with the code in suzannesl's message.

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Holly- Kay

Thanks everyone! I was using Suzannes method and when I right clicked on the image i found I could save it in my pic files. It was so easy that way but it didn't work until my second try!

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If you have a mac you can usually just drag the photo off the page to your desktop to save it, too.

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Holly- Kay

Writers, I have been wanting a mac since i got my iPads. My very first computer was a mac back in 1995. I am ready to go back as this laptop is driving me crazy. I think i would like the air but the mac book pro would fit the bill too!

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