reducing strain on eyes

shakushinnenNovember 26, 2006


Are there any aids available that will help to reduce eye strain from sewing. I was thinking some sort of magnifying goggles or ??? If there is, where would one find it?



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I use Mag Eyes from Hobby Lobby. Worn similar to a visor, but has interchangable lens with 2 different strengths of magnification. Around 20 bucks, I think.

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When I had my last eye exam, I had the opthomologist give me a prescription for magnified lens that had my lower lens prescription. I had that made into a separate pair of glasses.

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Thanks Pathfinder/Stitchintime,
Those are good ideas. I may have to go the opthomologist route, but I'd like to find something less expensive, if possible. We don't have Hobby Lobby here, in Ontario. I'll look around.
Pathfinder - Good idea with the ladder! I'll tell my wife.
...... John

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I purchased a full spectrum light which simulates natural light. I could not sew particularly dark fabrics or hand quilt in the evenings. With my new light it is like daytime. I purchased a floor model online from Full Spectrum Solutions. They now have a catalogue. Mine cost $169,US. Some are called daylight lamps but not as good as mine.

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Do you have a sporting goods store, fly fishing shop, or sewing store nearby? For fly tying, my husband uses a pair of MagEyes that he bought at a fly fishing shop, but I found them at the Nancy's Notions website. You can get different magnitudes of lens. BTW, the photo shows the MagEyes with the support bar for the lens across the bottom. I turn them upside down so the bar is across the top. The lens stay in just fine and I'm not trying to look through the bar all the time. Nancy's has another type of magnifyer, the Mighty Bright, that hangs around your neck and rests on your chest.

Here is a link that might be useful: MagEyes

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You can buy Mag Eyes from Amazon online. They are $20 at Amazon and $30 at Hobby Lobby. I think Hancock Fabrics may sell them also. I have bought several things from Amazon and they are very fast at shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mag eyes at Amazon

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