How old is everyone here ?

toomuchglassJanuary 19, 2005

I don't mean to be nosey ...(well--yes I do ! LOL ) but some of us seem to have so much time to craft -- and some of us have no time ... I'm just wondering if a difference in age has something to do with it ! It probably has nothing to do with it -- it's probably just the amount of dedication we all have !!! I'm 50 - an empty nester - but I have a million things going on at once ... you ????

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I just turned 45...I teach part-time, have a 16 year old stepson and DH that I have to tend to...and 3 dogs...
I don't ever seem to have enough time for anything...and I tend to have MULTIPLE projects going on at once...not just mosaics...I'm trying to learn to sew...I waaaaannnnttttt to make ribbon rosettes (trying to teach myself with Martha Steward instructions)....I garden....

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I'm 41yrs old and have 1 ds(18) and dd(20). DS lives on the mainland (squamish) with dad and DD is moving out ...again, for good!!ha! (I'm changing the locks!ha!)Feb,1!!!YAAAAA! My whole house is my arts room, and I have 2 sheds full of stuff. I work part time for the last seven years, do volunteer work and am looking forward to living on my own, which I've never done!

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I'm 41 also...just me and DH and the kids......4 dogs and 2 cats. I work independently won't list everything (you would get bored) but mostly with DH - we have a construction company, have a couple bookkeeping clients, notary for a trust attorney, and website maintainance - and just built my first website including my own graphics design & shopping cart for my sister's two quilt stores in MT. I am one of those people that the more challenges you give me the happier I am!!!
Love to garden, read and break glass ohhh and when I have time go snorkeling. I have always said please don't take away my beer, books and chocolate ... I would be lost!
We live in and are remodeling a home that was built in the 60's by the Johnson & Johnson family for a vacation has made it through all the hurricanes but the owner died in the late 80s and no one did any maintainence on it until we came along. And I am sure you know the story about the shoemaker's kids with no shoes ..... well I can tell you a long one about the contractor's house :) LOL

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I just turned 50 and loving it. I am retired from working at a bookstore (still love books!) so I have a lot of choice of what I do with my time.
My two sons are 20 and 17 (university and high school) and are really active in running and pole vaulting so we end up going to a lot of their events. And I still seem to be helping out with their school work (I feel like I been have through high school 3 times and will probably end up doing the same with Univesity! LOL)
Right now I have lots of time but beginning in Feb I will be taking down our breakfast nook piece by piece so that we can have a new addition put in (family room and fourth bedroom). We have hired someone to do the main structural parts and we will do the inside framing, drywall, and moulding. Since neither one of us has done this it will be a real learning experience. But heck how hard can it be? hee hee
I'm hoping we can keep the costs down by doing as much as we can ourselves.
But there is some unexpected costs that we can't avoid.
We found out that our original chimney will have to be be built higher by an extra 10 to 12 feet and a new liner put in which would cost us an extra $6000 !!! Yikes
We think we can avoid that by replacing our old furnace with a higher effeciency one which doesn't need a chimney so at least we get a new furnace instead of just a higher chimney.
But we are trying to focus on the end result but as my DH says now we'll never get rid of these kids LOL!

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Well I am '56' and forced into early retirement
by the present economy. Which has left me a
lot of time to play with my 'inner child'.

My DH and DS are here, so I take care of two
men and two cats...

I have always done some type of crafting....
so progressing onto mosaics is just another
step in the journey.

Ann, no your children never really leave, but
then as adults your relationship changes and
it is less time consuming then when they are
young!! lol


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I am 49, I work in retail. I really work more than I want to right now, but hopefully this will pass, yesterday worked from 10 am till 9 pm, no crafting for me. I get on tangents where I will "power craft" and do lots , then slack off for a bit. Generally the winter months will be the most crafty for me, in the summer I am out in the yard. I also make concrete, and hypertufa stuff, a bit of sewing, and clay handbuilding. Too little time in the day for me. Cindy

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As old as my nose and a little older than my teeth!

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53 and loving it!

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"How old would you be if you didn't know how old you was"
I always liked that quote.... I am 48 next month ( I think) I shave off a couple of years to my boyfriend as he is 35... I never had any kids, but always have critters. a little white scruffy dog named Mini-Me, 2 cats and a bird. I work 4 nites a week at a Tiki bar, it's a good gig and my 3 days off I treasure, so I can do my crafts. I just wish I had as much enthusiasm for cleaning my house as I do for smashing plates!!!

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Just registered for the site and thought I'd wade into this conversation...
I'm 39, newly divorced with a 10 year old daughter and two dogs. I run 4 commercial radio stations in the North West of England/ Wales and have precious little time after I've prepped for my Sunday School class.
I seem to have more time since the divorce though, so here's hoping!

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Welcome, Sarah! You'll love this group. Looking forward to seeing your mosaics.

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Welcome! We're glad you're here.

It sounds as if you're a very busy person...4 radio stations. Wow!

And, England is sooo beautiful. I'm sure Wales is, too.


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WOW, I don't know if I should tell you my age. You all might think I'm too old to hang out with you. But anyway here it is: I'm 66, going to be 67 in June. But I dont feel old for some reason. I am busy and active and involved in a million things, love gardening, mosaicing, skiing, bicycling, hiking, swimming, more gardening, more mosaicing, have 6 grandchildren, and my husband and I are retired. Life is good, hope it stays that way.
PS: I'll get a picture of me and my wrinkles to prove it.

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Bianchi!!! This is so funny. I forgot about this side of the board and wandered over after reading something on the other side. Now Bianchi I am shocked . In my mind I had you pictured as a 30 ish Mom. You have such lovely creations that look so young and hep to me. My husband will be 65 in April. Me ,I am just a baby at 55 turning 56 in August.

I have time to craft mostly in the winter because there is not much, hopefully, going on at the cemetery. Usually we have about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Not this year, only about a foot. Hoping we get more soon or we will have to go back to work sooner than usual and we had a late fall this year. Short winter. Sigh.

Having just moved the end of June I am still trying to get settled into this house. It makes me crazy when I can not find things. I had a good crafting spurt in the last month. Thinking it will slow down as I need to get more tiles and get the tiles I have somehow organized.


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Thank you, Chris, I am hip, hehehe! My grandkids think I am cool, because I go biking and skiing with them.
Anyway, hip, huh? You made my day.

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I'll be 49 this summer, and new to this forum and also mosaics. I took a stained glass class last year but find myself drawn to mosaicing with the glass. I'm always looking at things and thinking "how would this look covered in glass mosaic". I wish I had started this 20 years ago.
I work full time at a cosmetic manufacturer and after work and weekends my husband and I are the gardeners on a private estate on 57 acres in the country about 1 hour from Vancouver,B.C. In exchange for the gardening we live on the property in a cute 2 bdrm cottage rent free. The gardens around the mansion were relandscaped 2 years ago with 5,000 new plants, trees, and shrubs. It's a lot of work but gardening is like stress relief from our other jobs. I find time for my crafting by getting up around 4:00am on weekends, most people think I'm nuts but I love it, I'm definately a morning person. I always wonder if there are other crafters up at that time or am I alone at that time of the morning,I like to think I'm not alone. DH and I have been married 29 yrs, have 1 cat and no kids.DINK's they call us (Double Income No Kids) we call ourselves DINC's (Double Income New Car).
I have numerous projects and would love to post pictures, will work on learning how one weekend at 4:00am!

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Hi, thanks for asking that question. I enjoyed reading the letters. what a diverse group! I will be 76 next month. Have 6 children, 8 grandchildren, a husband and 2 dogs. Love native plant gardening. I retired from 40 years of real estate at the age of 70. I got into mosaics because I had a few pieces of loved dinnerware I didnt want to throw away and made a few stepping stones. Went crazy after that.I am going to the SAMA conf. in DC. I can stay with a daughter there and ride the metro so it wont cost too much. I have 2 or 3 mosaic projects going at all times and my grandsons are impressed that I have a dremel and an oil glass cutter. Anyone else going to DC? We could link up with cell phones????

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Hi all!
I'm 25 and just learned to do stained glass last November. I'm looking forward to doing mosaics too. I have a two year old daughter and a sweet husband. I like to work on stained glass while my daughter is napping. I also really love to garden and do most any other crafts I can get my hands on. I'm working on getting a home business started too right now. Glad to meet you all! :)


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I'm new here, so glad I found all of you!
I didn't know there was a mosaic forum, and am thrilled to find it!

I'm 41.........have 3 daughters..only 1 still at home now..been with my hubby since high school. We down sized a few years ago, and I don't work my crafts and my gardens are my full time job these

Hope to get to know all of you!


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Hazie: Didn't realize you were new to the site. I'm 57, retired and lovin' it! No kids, DH of 22 years and 1 cat. Moved to Texarkana a year ago from NH where we thought we wanted to retire. Ha! Have crafted from an early age and love to paint, work with polymer clay and mosaics. I also love to bake and donate baked goods to a homeless shelter once a week. I also love to eat which is why I need to lose weight! Glad to meet you all!

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I'm 42. I've been married 22 years. We have a 22 year old daughter who graduated college in May and a 13 year old son. 1 horse"he's actually a yellow lab but he's so big I call him a horse> and 2 cats.
I love to do crafts. I learned to crochet and embroider around the age of 9. I'll try many crafts but I don't master any.
I work part time outside of the home, "full time in the home>...
I love to garden and play in my yard,read books, listen to music,and watch Oprah.

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Hey Yall!
I'm bumping this up because I found it so interesting.
I'm 41, married for 20 years, no kids. I have 2 cats, Beans and Taters are their names.
I'm so glad I found this group. We just moved to NC and I don't know anybody here, so yall are my salvation!!

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Hmmm. Didn't realize I hadn't added to this!

I'm 52. Most of my story is on MY Page so I won't go into it here!


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LOL! this is an old thread but I'm not in here either.
I'm soon to be 41, mother of 2 DD's 9 and 6. I have my own landscape biz.

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I don't think I've ever seen this thread either!

I'm 46, with two teenaged children. I've been a stay-at-homer for all the years since we've had children. We make do with one income and live simply.

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I turned 59 in March
got 3 sons and 3 daughters
got 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters

been here, in the same house for 26 years and just this month, is the first time it's been without a brood of kids in it.
now I can dust off all of my favorite things in storage and move them into the house...and to make MY OWN messes and no one to blame, but myself, if it doesn't get cleaned up.

oh, I think I'm going to love the change.

stay tuned!

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Hi Everyone! I'm 47 I think... Sometimes I forget! Kathy

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Well, I'm another newbie but have been lurking for months. I can't wait until Mondays to see what Ive missed all weekend! Everybody here seems so nice and creative! So, I'm 33 and been married for 7 years. no human children but I have 4 dogs, 8 cats, 1 bird, 1 lizard, 1 tortoise, and 1 snake. I'm a dog groomer and I LOVE mosaics. We have been in our house for a little over a year now and our yard is naked and I cant wait to fill it with mosaics!

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I just saw this, I haven't been to this side but once before. LOOK what I've been missing! And HOW will I find more time to keep up??

I'm 45, married 10 years, DSx3 ages 14, 8, 7. New to mosaicing about 8-10 months ago. I can draw anything but get bored with it, have enjoyed doing all kinds of crafts at one time or another, but I think I'm gonna stick with this one for a while.

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I come from a long line of women who lie about their age. I actually only claim one year for every three years that go buy. When this thread started I was twenty-four, but since I decided to stop adding years to my age at twenty-two, I couldn't have been 24. The thread began 2 1/2 years ago, which means that I really haven't aged even a year old am I? I think I have accidentally said my age in other postings, doh. It also doesn't help that my username has my birthday in it. What a duffus. Oh well. Can anyone guess????

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Kelly, you are still a young whippersnapper since you are only 27!!!


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kelly i too am 27 but really im 25 and holding. R u a june baby too?

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Boy, I tell ya, holdin on for dear life! I guess I could claim 25 now. That's what people usually guess my age at (jerks.) I don't know exactly what my problem is except that this is what women in my family do...lie about our's pretty obnoxious. I have close friends whose ages range from 22 up to 47; not including women I teach with. I love to learn from their experiences. I just can't handle it when I have to age. Sorry everyone...I've got issues.

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And yes. I'm a june baby, too!!

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Had no idea about this side. So, is everyone here also from the mosaic side?! I am 37, 3 kids. DS#1 will be 22 this Sat. Yes he is my stepson. DS#2 is 6. DD is 2.5 going on 21. She's all about dressing up and putting on lipstick and her shiney new silver clogs! (courtesy of her aunt Dee Dee.)

My #2DS and I are serious crafters. We make crafts for school parties, birthdays, christmas and decorations for every holiday. We have several acres that DH and I work on constantly. I have learned that gardening is a great way to work off stress and anxiety. And breaking glass.....nothing beats it for calming ones nerves!! I just starting mosaics a year ago this month actually. I love it better than any of the other things I have done! So I was thrilled to find out garden web had a mosaic site and when someone posted the link at the junk site, I scurried on over to find out what was happening. Now I have a home. :sigh:

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I am 51, married (2nd time, 10years and it's great!), 4 adult children. I enjoy stained glass, mosaics, gardening, yard sales, auctions, anywhere there is junk! My DH is a mimimalist and I am a pack rat, opposites do attract.


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I'm 49, married and am down to 2 dogs. I have also been into crafts of all sorts since I was a little girl and have found I like mosaic the best. I also enjoy flower gardening, except this year with the heat.

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ernie85017, zn 9, phx

55 (egads!), single. Rather obsessed with mosaics at this time, to the detriment of my poor filthy house.
2 rescue dogs, and now 2 semi feral (neutered) kitties. One died this evening, another a few months ago. feline Aids is "going around". I guess I can truthfully say that I am self-taught. But I learned the most from you all here!

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My heart goes out to you ,,, My pets are my family .
(((( Ernie )))) I know how much it hurts. Time will heal.

You're my kind of friend ..... Holy crap ! - I'm 57 now !!! I have a poor filthy house , too !. I'm a sucker for animals ( and rescues ) . My lawn is so burnt up from pee ...oh well .

I'm glad you're here with us --- we learn so much from each other . I don't think anyone is perfect - every time we make something - we learn something new. That's what I like about working with glass :)

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Just past the 77th birthday, and am happy as a pig in mud, just playing w/my toys.

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Funny how this post re-surfaced. I just turned 72. I am kept busy with two granddaughters (take to school, pick up from bus stop, cook supper, make lunches, help with homework, chauffeur, etc., but I spend every spare minute doing mosaic work and I love it, I even dream about it.

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WOW! Amazing how we have kept this thread alive!!! I am now going to be 49 this year and have grown kids, and live with my hubby(2nd) who I am reconciled with: We realized that we are stuck with each other....nobody else will put up with us!!!lol! I now have a 1/2acre yard that I am kinda like a gymnist, I think I gotta use the whole mat(area) to garden on!lol! Gardening and Art compete with each other for my quality time. I work and volunteer so stay sooo busy. Sometimes want to isolate cuz I can't say no!ha!

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New to this board, but enjoyed reading about everyone. I'm soon to be 58 (August), married about 7 years, hub is alot younger than me and still has loads of energy. He's a carpenter by trade and is willing to build me anything I want. He encourages my art work...And helps me do a few art shows each year. We live in a big Victorian house (see pics on, You want me on this wall thread) most every room except two, his living room and our bedroom, has some sort of crafting supplies in it.

I'm retired from retail, owned a bead shop for 12 years until health issues made me sell. I have three daughters, 2 grandsons, 3 granddaughters with another on the way. I am involved in many different things, doing mosaics in the spring summer, outside. Winter finds me doing fiber arts. Two fur kids at home, Gus my mini schnauzer and mr b my big fat orange cat.
Mfbpa (was My Fathers Beads, PA) jeri

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