Round or Rectangle table for 7' x 8' kitchen space?

SparklingWaterJuly 29, 2014

Driving myself batty with this one trying to outfit son's OLD apartment kitchen, and just know there's a simpler answer out there. So, turning to you all.

Luckily, there is a 7'x 8' clear floor space for a kitchen table separate from the cooking/cab area. That's great. It's going to be used for both eating and some heavy night studying. I can't upload a photo, sorry.

Imagine this 7'x8' rectangular space, viewing away from adjacent cooking area. On the far wall, there is a standard open doorframe that abuts the left wall, then 2' of wall, then same size doored closet. This 8' wall therefore affects table selection by entry into room on left side and the swing of the closet door on the right side. However, there is also a second similar doored closet in this space, on the right wall just before a refrigerator.

Will you give me some thoughts on what might work here? Limit it to 36" round (seats 4), go up 41" round (Ikea Docksta pedestal due to black and white old tile?l), or, for studying spreadability, go rectangle? Chairs should be sturdy, but not too big and clumsy:perhaps 2, with 2 other fold ups or table height stools?

Thanks much.

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From watching my son's studying over holiday breaks, I'd go with rectangle. It's much easier to line things up just right. I think a rectangle is also more versatile than a round table.

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oakleyok, that's my thought too. He can spread out more than on a round table (small one at that). Circular is more space saving though.

His bedroom/living room is 10' x 8' with NO closet. Ha! He may want a desk in there but with bed and maybe tv/playstation chair that 80sf gets used up fast.

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