Too busy to break glass, and I fell today...

ladyronnieJanuary 29, 2008

Not hurt bad, just banged up. We are renting our other house, people to move in this weekend (SUCH a tremendous blessing!!!!!) and have been crazy busy getting it ready. We are the world's worst to procrastinate until the pressure is at its worst. We blew 51 bags of insulation into the attics between the two houses (yep, did it ourselves. I loaded the machine, DH ran the hose in the attic.) I am also insulating the "inside-outside" walls of my laundry room with that pink batting stuff. Two of it's "outside" walls are inside the barn, so we call them "inside-outside". I slipped off a platform and fell pretty hard, but I'll live, didn't break anything, thankfully. Sure will be glad to get my new shop one of these days, and for life to settle down enough to work in it...!

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OOOhh glad you're not hurt!! Tripped on my dog a few weeks ago, first thing I did was look to see if anyone saw..then I made sure I was in one piece!!LOL

Must be a relief to have your house rented.

I need insulation here..did you rent the machine, is it worth the DIY ( on a smaller project??)

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Thanks, Maria. Yep, I knew immediately no one saw me, then made sure all my parts still moved ok before I gingerly got up and made myself walk around a bit. Got some bruises I haven't even seen yet!

We got the insulation at Home Depot, and because we got so much (more than 10 bags I think it had to be) we got the machine at no extra charge to use. It really wasn't a bad job. We could do about 10-12 bags an hour I think, so it took a total of about 5 hours. The worst of it was, you HAVE to wear a good dust mask, and I wore goggles loading the machine. It was VERY dusty. Here's me during the job:

Scary, huh?

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ok, the picture convinced me to hire someone LOL

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Sorry abut your fall! I'm STILL gimped up from my last wipe out!! I really should go get an xray but am always putting stuff like that off. DH and I were going to do the same thing till DH realized he have to go up there and install the breather pcs along the edges...he talked himself out of it!lol! (It was summer...) Now I know what I woulda looked like!(Except you are cuter!!!)I was just wishing I could put a door, and some major insulation in the walls, between the laundry room and my Art Room, as it gets very noisy and I can't hear my TV!!! And I can only handle so much noise going on at once! (Tv OR washer, not both)How high are your ceilings??? It sounds so wonderfully open...and like I've said before, I LOVE that Kitchen floor your DH did!!! You two rock!!! A Great Team!
Kickin' House Butt!!!

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Oh so glad your ok. Love the pictures. I so remember those days when we owned our constrution business.

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Good GRIEF = hurts me just to think of you falling. As I get older I find myself falling more easily, so am trying to slow down. A guy in Walmart a couple yrs. ago told me I could get a ticket for speeding in Walmart!!!

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Ronnie !!!!!!!! You're a mess !!!!!!!! ROFL !!!!
Boy - you're not afraid to get your hands dirty ( or your whole body ! LOL ) I'm glad you are ok ....

You deserve a vacation after all that !

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Sorry about your fall.........thrilled you didn't really booger yourself up bad....! Any post-trauma to your body? Hope not! Boy, I thought I was a tough cookie when it comes to work, but your picture proved me to me a wimp! You go girl! You are woman....!!!! Your are strong! ROAR!

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I hope you aren't feeling those bruises even worse now, ouch! You'll appreciate all your work when you get the electric bill hopefully:)

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LOL I'd seen your picture but ouch I didn't know you fell! Hope you're feeling better.

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Hope your feeling o.k. today???

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So glad nothing is badly hurt after your tumble! Bet you're finding sore spots you didn't even know ya had!


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I'm still sore in places, got a pretty good bruise on my left arm, left thigh, left knee, otherwise I seem to be ok. It's hard to tell which pains are from the fall, which are from picking up about 1500 pounds, 30 pounds at a time, which are from using the old-style staple gun several hundred times putting up batt insulation on my laundry room, and which are from increasing the weight on my workout on the Nautilus machines at work! Oh Yeah, can you believe, all this and Curves too!!!

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