Trending larger homes consume more energy

MoccasinFebruary 15, 2013

Yeah, that is a no-brainer. But the issue today of LifeEdited has a neat chart comparing utility consumption of smaller/larger homes ..... and also according to the time the home was built, and the section of the country.

I'm quoting only one paragraph for your benefit. BE PROUD, small homers!

We donâÂÂt often talk a lot about the environmental implications of an edited life. We believe the benefits of living with less, but better is its own reward. But, obvious as it sounds, smaller homes are greener.

Granted, there might have been a significant reduction in efficiency in smaller homes in the 2000s, but we suspect that many of the efficiency measures applied to larger homes were also applied to small ones. We donâÂÂt think itâÂÂs too conjectural to say that if the homes of the 2000s hadnâÂÂt grown so much, the more efficient appliances and better insulation, now applied to huge houses with high ceilings, would be applied to more modest homes with modest energy footprints and cheaper operating costs.
Via Lloyd Alter at Treehugger

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Hi Moccasinlanding, couldn't agree with this more! Both of my sons live in Mcmansions, and I could live easily on just what they pay for air conditioning in Texas in summer. We have updated our little 70's house with better windows, that has helped a bunch, probably should do something about the insulation but haven't gotten to that yet.

Did you get the email I sent you a few weeks ago? How is your kitchen coming along?

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