Cape Cod- Should I Remove Awnings?

AcadiafunFebruary 2, 2014

We have three window awnings and one over the front steps. The original plan was to remove them and place decorative shutters.

One of my friends is concerned how much this will heat the house up in the summer. The house faces west. We live in an area in which it only gets hot for about 4 to 6 weeks in the summer and I have AC. Wouldn't the extra cost to cool the house be made up by the extra solar heat in the cold months?

What do you think? Thanks for any opinions.

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Do they block sun in winter? If so, I'd remove them. You can get some bamboo shades and put them on the outside of your windows during those hot summer days if you find removing them is increasing your electric bill. I bet it won't make that much difference. The back of our house faces west, and we have about 4 months of extreme heat. When it's really bad, I put up bamboo shades outside and they do make a difference.

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What type of window coverings are on these windows? It would be simple to layer, such as: any type of shade (pleated, cellular, roller) under an existing curtain (sheer, opaque), and raise and lower the shade as needed to modify the sun/heat. These shades can be custom, or cut to size at the local box store.

My last 3 homes had west facing great rooms, and this was my solution. Plus, just my personal opinion, I don't care for awnings.

Overall, I think the cost will equalize, in any event.

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Thanks for the opinions and they were what I was hoping to hear because I really don't care for the awnings. I only have valances as curtains but I can add shades. The street and lot is private so I don't worry so much about people looking in at night - hence the valances.


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Well, good luck! I get a LOT of heat in the south and west windows in the summer and prefer not to run the central air any more than needed, so had old-fashioned roll-up aluminum awnings installed which when rolled up for the winter do not interfere with solar gain, but really help when down in the summer. I don't love the look, but it's function over form, and I feel they have been well worth the investment.

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By far the most effective heat control is to stop the heating rays before they hit the house and start baking the roof and west wall. How about planting a deciduous tree or two that will do that eventually? By far most awnings were reluctantly added after the fact to deal with a significant problem.

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