Jewelry storage cabinet

neetsiepieJuly 19, 2010

I have a ton of costume and art jewelry that I currently house in two jewelry armoires. But I find that it's not giving me good storage that I can use well. So I'm trying to figure out a new solution and I need some help.

I've got a five drawer chest, has two shallow (about 3" deep) drawers on top and 3 deeper, standard depth drawers. I am thinking of repurposing this to use for the jewelry storage. Currently, only one of the armoires has some hooks for hanging necklaces, so most of mine are laying in drawers instead. So switching to drawers isn't a problem, but does that sound like too weird of an idea?

I'm thinking of some small divided containers for earrings, bracelets and pins, and they can fit in the top two drawers, but not sure what to do with the deeper drawers.

I've looked on line at the Container Store and saw something that looks like a sock drawers...has divided sections, but that's not really what I want. The concept is right, but not exactly.

I am thinking I need something stackable for the necklaces, I could probably fit at least 2 or three trays deep in each drawer. Can anyone think of something that can work? I almost think of file inbox trays that are lined with felt would be perfect...something I can lift up and stack.

Has anyone shopped the Container Store? Or maybe seen something at Ikea? I've checked both websites and am not really seeing what I want, and I know in stores they always have more. Both are about a 1-1.5 hr drive, so I can go if someone has recommendations. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions!!

P.S. I wear my jewelry just about every day. I like to layer my necklaces & bracelets, so I really do have A LOT!

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If you're near a major city, look for a store selling Retail Fixtures -- the display cases stores use to hold all their goodies. Or go on eBay.

I bought several jewelry trays at a retail fixture store and stack them two deep in my small shallow drawers. They come in many different configurations within a modular sizing schema. They're much cheaper that the ones the Container Store and BB&B sell, and IMO, much more attractive and sturdy. The pieces are sold separately - there's a 'tray' (box) and a 'tray insert' (flocked molded plastic).

If you want to get fancy, you could easily build a 'rack' into your drawers so the upper trays can slide side to side to easily access your lower trays.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jewelry Trays on eBay

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For earrings, rings, and small pins, I use plastic ice cube trays.

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Thank you Sweeby...those items are exactly what I was thinking of, just didn't realize they existed. I might do the sliding thing...I have an antique buffet that has that type of set up in one of the drawers and I love it.

Franksmom...I've thought of that, but most of my earrings are dangly and big. But it's a good idea for my smaller things, definitely.

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If you have a wall available, you can do a peg board and display it all.

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Someone gave me the idea (Martha Stewart show maybe?!) to use a fishing tackle box as an organizer. I got mine at Walmart for $3.96 and it has been a life saver! My sister had me organize her jewelry the same way once she saw it (and she asked "that's a fishing tackle box?!" lol).

You can adjust the sizes of the compartments very easily. I have never been so organized with my jewelry until I got this. And another one is on my shopping list I love it so much.

It's not beautiful but no one sees it anyway. Hope this helps you!

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