My Wood Floors Are Done!

AcadiafunFebruary 2, 2014

My house is a 64 year old cape cod that is 1500 square feet. We re-did the white oak floors. They are not perfect but I like them very much. We used oil based poly.

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They are lovely.

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They're a beautiful color.

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How nice! You must have had to remove everything. Did you redo the floors before moving in, or did you have to go through all that work and take everything out? If so, where did you put it all? That is such a major undertaking! Are you in Louisiana? I lived in Baton Rouge for four years in the late 80s. I recognize the "Acadia" part in your name could be from there, or from Canada. It is not good weather for doing floors in Canada right now, though - ha!

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Hi Nancy. We live next door to my house with family where there is plenty of room and storage. We will move when the house is move in ready. There is still so much to do. Next will be the kitchen floor, then the upstair floors and bathrooms. After that the exterior of the house will be painted, we will put in landscaping and THEN tackle the basement which is large. The basement is my own little dungeon and I love it. We plan to deck that out for the zombie apocalypse. Family wants a connecting tunnel between the houses- but that plan is on hold. lol

Oil poly has a very strong odor that lasts for days with each coat. We could not have done it this winter while living in the house.

BTW-The Acadia part of my name is for Acadia National Park.

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Wow! Excellent job!

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