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daisyblueFebruary 13, 2013
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Those are neat. Too bad the search can't be refined to come up with homes in the 1000 sq ft range like a lot of people on this forum have. I'd like to see how the pros deal with tiny bedrooms, baths and living areas.

I searched small bedrooms there one time and came up with a few good ideas. But I searched small family rooms and came up with rooms so much bigger than mine that it was just useless.

I've seen that before with houzz though. Search for blue dining table and you might get one along with tons of hits for rooms that don't match the criteria at all.

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Marti8a, that's because unless you use a quantifier houzz searches for both terms. If you mean you want to see tiny bedrooms, entering tiny bedrooms as your terms searches for both the word tiny and the word bedroom. If you want to see rooms tagged as tiny bedrooms, search for "tiny bedrooms" in quotes.

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