Sewing trim on sheer panels?

sharon_flNovember 8, 2007

I am making canopy- like panels for my granddaughter's 'Cinderella' room. These will be draping from a center crown and swagging over to the bedposts. Will also be making the panels for her 1 window as well.

My question is: I want to add some sort of trim onto the edges of these panels..beading, tassle fringe-whatever. I am not a 'seasoned sewer' but can get along okay. My machine is new-BUt not with all of the 'bells & whistles'. How do I go about adding this trim? What should I be aware of? Do I need something like bias tape on the underside? Will the material gather all up on me when I sew on the trim? More tension or less tension & how many stitches per inch should I use?

I paid $11 a yd at Joann's for this gorgeous baby pink sheer polyester that has tiny iridescent sequins sewn in it somehow. Not tacky and are well adhered to the material.

Thanks for your inputs!

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Hi there,
I just finished sheer voile panels (big ones) for my guest room. I set my machine at a medium sized stitch, and a narrow zig-zag and put boullion fringe on the leading edges and the bottom. I used my regular zig-zag foot and went gently and carefully down the lip edge of the fringe. I then reset for a straight, looser stitch and went down the fringe edge. I kept the fabric taut under the fringe and everything seemed to go well with no bunching or gathering. I DID however cut the selvage off the fabric and made a 1" hem on the outer sides of each panel. The hem at the bottom was 3". me if you need more info, or if you think I can make this clearer.
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Well now..THAT makes sense! So kind of you to help me 'see the light' about this. How about thread-any special type I should use for this sheer material? Thanks.

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I always use the Gutermann thread for everything, so I can't comment on anything else. My OLD plain jane sewing machine won't work with Coats and Clark....don't know what it's problem is, but it is notional about other things too!!! I guess we are both just grumpy old ladies!!:^) You got some good ideas about glue too, but I have learned through experience that sometimes glues get me into sticky situations!!!;^) Especially with big amounts of fabric involved!!

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