Hardwood floors throughout?

MoccasinFebruary 5, 2012

While DH says I can have what I want in this next project, he has sort of balked at my hope to have Bellawood Select Ash 3/4" x 2-1/4" wide floors everywhere.

His contention:

The oxide finish on the Bellawood is guaranteed for 100 years alright, but that is just the FINISH which is guaranteed. He says that if water or oil or maybe bleach whatever, should spill on the floor and go between the boards, something like dog pee or my parrots enthusiastically bathing in their water bowls, would wind up soaking into the wood beneath the finish. And, within a couple of years, our floors would turn black where these stains are present.

I'm talking about putting the ash down throughout the house, except where we now have the porcelain tile...i.e., in the sunporch, both bathrooms, and our walkin closet. So it would be replacing (or actually COVERING) the old hardwood in the living room, dining room, hall, both bedrooms. This is all now really damaged hardwood oak. Then I want to have that same hardwood continue into the kitchen, the new area of the kitchen which we still call the back porch, and also the add-on to that back porch, which will extend across and become part of the master bedroom.

The bone of contention is having the new areas hardwood and not porcelain tile. I want the addition to the bedroom to just flow smoothly as part of the bedroom, and not try to make it look like a "sun porch"....for Pete sake, we already HAVE a sun porch, AND I don't want to make another spot for DH to put his chair and sit and read--he has about four places for that, and I don't have a place for other activities or for my two big parrot cages. He says that the kitchen will be devastated by grease on the floors or spills of water or vinegar, whatever. I also want it to be more open feeling, which the similar flooring throughout would tend to improve.

And, if I want a real wood look, like other folks are getting in their kitchens, what in blue blazes are they doing that I cannot do to get the look I want?

DH says engineered wood would resist staining better, but not be as durable. So I suggested we just get it over with and put porcelain tile throughout, and it would be cheaper too. Oh no, he says it would end up costing just as much as all hardwood.

So I'm supposed to be finding some information from those who have put down the Bellawood (laid board by board, thus it will have seams.....maybe I should do it with as wide a board as possible, to reduce the number of seams?) Or what?

Any help would be appreciated. Your experience with wooden floors in the kitchen actually maybe family room?

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ML I know the cafe in ton has the snap together wool floors through out except the very back room. I have not been in there for a couple of years. When the place was about three years old I was cleaning in there as small part time job. The flooring had held up amazingly well.

I know it was swept and mopped with clorox daily. The greasy kitchen scrubbed. Lots of gritty muddy foot traffic. The parking lot is not paved.

I do not know what the flooring is and no way to find out. It was wood look but a plastic feel to it.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

moccasinlanding, I have a saga of hardwood flooring, but no experience with Bellawood, or ash. Well, I'm not sure the kind of wood in our floors, so it could be ash.

Our wood floors are original to the house, 3" wide, and I love them, but they are in rough shape. When we bought the house the floors were carpeted, except for the kitchen, which had vinyl sheet, and underneath the carpet was a layer of particle board/MDF, which we removed. My parents sanded and refinished the floors for us at that time. There were still some stains, nicks, patches, and nail holes that didn't bother me--I love patina, and we had planned to put down another layer of hardwood, eventually (17 years ago, lol).

I'd have loved to have exposed the hardwood in the kitchen, but the cabinets were installed on top of the MDF, so we replaced the vinyl and got used to the difference in floor levels. We've raised three kids here, eating almost every meal in the dining room, and hosting extended family meals in the living room, with no catastrophic damage from water, juice, milk, etc. (No inside pets, although the pets have all been brought in on occasion.) Strangely, there are several 'series' of tiny dark stains around nails in certain areas of the floor joists, possibly caused by moisture in the crawlspace when we had a pressure fitting pop off a water line (at 4:30 one morning--I can laugh at it now...kinda).

The most damage we have is from pressure stress--chair legs, roller skates (especially in-line skates), and Plasma cars. All of those could have been avoided, but to me they're part of life and the memories I have of raising a family here.

Given the choice and the financial freedom to put in hardwood, I'd say 'go for it!' And accept whatever happens as part of the story of the enjoyment of your kitchen. :)

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ML- In our case, the kitchen has already flooded...twice...so I'll be using vinyl floors that look like wood or maybe limestone. That's a nice look, too. That being said, I know a lot of people love their wood floors, but I have seen a recent post on the kitchen forum that they're not holding up very well. This was a solid wood floor, but it was getting dinged and damaged too easily.

The answer seemed to be that older hardwoods were much harder (bigger trees, rings closer together) and that the newer 'hardwoods' are too young and the tree rings are further apart...and therefore not as resistant to damage. I don't know enough about flooring to know if this would be a problem, in your case.

What about tiles that look like limestone? Those are kind of pretty and seem to be the next 'big thing' on some of the kitchen sites :) From French Country Kitchen From French Country Kitchen

I like the first picture and the way the wood island 'pops' against the light tiles. Here's a link to the article, with this picture. Don't know if this will work for you, but thought I'd share it :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Lighter floors article

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ML, years ago I asked on the flooring forum about putting in wood floors in the kitchen, and the resounding answer was no, don't do it. But now, I see on the kitchen forum that the majority is in favor. I don't know if it was the same set of posters or not. In any case, we just put engineered wood in the living room and hall.

We used Mannington, and I would tell everyone NOT to use them. They don't stand behind their product and it is coming loose from the slab in a lot of places.

I don't know anything about Bella wood, but if it is engineered, aka plywood, I wouldn't use it in the kitchen. A few drops of water on it are ok, but any quantity down the cracks is probably going to cause a problem.

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We have hardwood in the kitchen but I don't remember what kind it is, unfortunately. It has held up well to normal use, but it was damaged by a leaking water bottle that was in storage with a small leak that we didn't notice until the wood warped.

Other than that, I love it.

One thing, though, is that having all hardwood floors makes for a very loud house...carpet normally absorbs noises, and hardwood does not. This is very noticeable in my nephew's house...just a group of people talking and laughing in their house is uncomfortably loud.

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ML, I have 60yo hardwood in the main rooms of my cottage. These were refinished 9 years ago when I moved in. Kitchen is sheet vinyl. There are area rugs in LR/DR. With all my gardening, stuff gets tracked in, and grit on shoes has scratched the natural stain on the oak. Before the area rugs, chairs scratched. I don't really mind! This house is old, has seen much wear and tear. It has character.

Looking very closely at photos in 'lifestyle' magazines, you can often see moldings, baseboards, floors that are anything but pristine. Have you considered refinishing the wood you currently have? Old growth oak flooring can be refinished several times, bleached and re-stained, with outstanding results.

On tile throughout the house, had it in AZ. Looks nice, easy upkeep, but creates that echo from the unforgiving, hard surface... especially with ceilings taller than 8'. Wood in the kitchen... had that for 13 years. It gets worn as well and needed recoating, but thankfully no water issues. I used mats in front of sink and range.

I understand, so well, having that mental picture of a finished project, long dreamed of. But in the end, I seem to opt for practicality and what will make life and maintenance easiest... realizing it's my home, not a showplace.

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You are so right kitykat. In the end I usually end up with the most practical materials too. Right now dh & I are debating tile in the kitchen, or should I say debating on whether to tear out the old tile and put in new, or just add to the old tile. btw, LL, he would give up the tv entirely not to replace the tile.

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Marti- He really doesn't want to do new tile, does he? LOL

How about wood in the dining room and leave the tile in the kitchen? That would go with the idea of using the ceiling beam to divide the spaces...the floor would do the same thing. Just an idea :)

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We just had real heart pine installed by an excellent installer. This is true heart pine milled at a local sawmill. It was not easy finding an installer who knows how to install REAL wood and not factory prefab.

We put it throughout the whole house including bathrooms. There is a great deal of natural pitch in heart pine which makes it very resistant to stains and water. We have our initial coats of tung oil on it and while it has to cure before being lived on (aprox. 30 days),water beads up on it even now.

I spent two years researching wood and different finishing products. I feel heart pine and pure tung oil cut with citrus solvent was the way to go with us.

It is the most beautiful floor I've ever seen in my life. We love it.All the old southern homes had heart pine floors. Wood in the past may have been slightly harder, but this stuff is darn close. I dropped a huge tape measure on it and it didn't phase this floor. It never even dented.

Looked at factory finished wood and walked away from it.

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How did you find it Sandy? We don't live in an area where there are any pine trees, and of course no saw mills.

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'we had planned to put down another layer of hardwood, eventually (17 years ago, lol)'

ain't it funny how that happens... I'm already thinking that some of the things put in to 'tide me over' til I find what I really want will end staying and never being replaced!

'I seem to opt for practicality and what will make life and maintenance easiest... realizing it's my home, not a showplace.'

I'm so with you on this!! I wouldn't know how to live in a 'showplace'. If it started out as one, it wouldn't be that way long... with dogs running thu and sleeping on furniture etc.

ML - if ya'll just stop talking and laughing it might help... lol!

have you considered redoing the wood you have down now?

This floor doings is sure harder than you'd think it should be! my sister keeps telling me to 'just put something down!' - ha - if she only knew the problems involved. She left it up to her dh and he put tile thru the whole downstairs (that includes the mstr bdrm) and she regrets that! he did it for ease to clean (which he does) and for ease of use if a walker or wheel chair is needed (my sister) but it's horrid to walk on day in and day out!

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Sandy, how neat to hear from you about your cracker house!!
I am pleased that you have the project far enough along that you are enjoying the floors. Heart pine? Oh my, that is the sine qua non of southern floors!!

However, it is probably out of the question for us. I cannot do the work you did, and we need ours done and over with. Like Steph says, doing something to "get by" for now is out of the question, and we are both too old to do an entire house, even one that tops out at 1000 sq ft. And don't cha kno, every kitchen I've looked at has a WOOD FLOOR on it? Sigh.

The present wood floors are so old and dilapidated and have been sanded down so much already, that it was considered impractical to redo them. And, it would make it hard to find anything like them for the kitchen and new flooring in the redone back porch when it is lifted to equal the rest of the house.

I am tired of having my floors all different levels. Up two inches here, down 4 inches there, and all the baseboards have to come off too and be replaced with real New England style high baseboards. The stuff down as baseboards now is NOT a baseboard, it is sort of window facings and they are so flimsy and beat up, pulling them off will improve the look. DH is putting in a 6-inch wide crown molding which is very plain, in our master bedroom; he already did the crown molding in the front bedroom, which now serves as our study, and is where we keep our books, both computers, and watch TV. I brought the TV down from his house up north, and now we don't even watch the 42" TV which is on the mantle in the living room. What do we need 2 TVs for in this house anyway? My new HP TouchSmart computer can act as a 23" TV in the bedroom if we need a second one. So now I can think about removing the big TV and putting up some good art work in its place. Maybe it can go to the Teahouse. Yeah.......just came to me! :) Hang it high on the wall out there, big enough to see from my loft.

Well, I am still looking into the issues of wood or tile, which will go where best, and also about the roofline on the new back area which will be 6 feet wide finished width and about 20+ feet long. Split between the kitchen and the master bedroom.

Fiddledeedee, I'll think about that tomorrow. :)

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I've been very sick with some kind of superbug going around, but am finally starting to shake it.

We found the sawmills by doing searches for cracker style log homes, and also heart pine. Fortunately we were able to get the wood locally, but we would have gone up into Georgia if we had to.

The overall cost has not been any more, even with labor and finishing costs, than when we did full house tile in our last home. It's not "cheap", but in the whole span of the rest of our lives, is much less expensive than continually replacing carpet, engineered wood that wears out, etc. We will never have to replace our floor.

In the long haul this is most cost effecive and economical.

We also chose a natural tung oil finish, (all products purchased from the Real Milk Paint Company) despite pressure from those who are polyurethane pushers (read big profits). There is no perfect floor finish, but tung oil is easily repaired, is not dependant on someone else doing it for us, and does not outgas poison continually. It is completely non toxic.

Keep in mind that other products will outgas all kinds of nasty stuff. We also found the whole deal hasn't cost any more than buying something prefabricated from a flooring outfit. It was definitely more work though with finding good people to do installation and handling all the decisions and purchases ourselves. No regrets. The floor is gorgeous....and totally 100% natural.

I know pine is available in the northeast....basically anywhere pine trees will grow. We grow yellow pine in Florida...white pine comes from up north so we have the yellow. It's stronger anyway.

Where not available from a local sawmill, perhaps it can be ordered and shipped in for less than you think....I don't know for sure. We were able to have our interior doors made out of cypress from a carpenter in Ohio. It didn't cost any more than buying wood doors from Lowes, and the quality is WAY better.

Basically it takes research and driving ones self nuts before reaching a good decision. Remeber that HEART pine is what you want for floors...not "normal" pine. It's too soft, unless you happen to like having more "patina".

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In my kitchen (built in 1927), the original fir wood floors are still there. Sure, they've been refinished, but I so love them. The refinisher 8 years ago told me that in the old days, fir was considered a cheaper wood so it was relegate to service areas like a kitchen. However, these days, fir can be more expensive than oak, at least that's what the workman told me. In any case, the floor looks good, feels comfortable, and imparts a warmer feel to the entire kitchen.

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Sandy, thought I answered your post, but must have lost it.
Not here anyway. And Polie, thanks for your experience with old floors too.

There is so many layers of linoleum or tile or whatever on our current kitchen that I could not tell what the subfloor in there is like. In the rest of the house, our subfloors are tongue and groove pine laid on the diagonal. Then the 1-1/4 inch strips of oak which look awful with some really dark mahogany stain which was put down so it slopped up on the old baseboards. I cannot take those dark floors at all. It was a bad job poorly done, whoever did the staining.

The problem with them is not the width of the boards, it is that we will be having to raise the level of the floor in the back porch which was built about 4 to 6 inches lower than the main house. It was NOT anything except an open porch where they had the water heater, screening on the upper portion, and a small added-on breaker box. A shed roof, and the washer/dryer were also located in the area, but half exposed to the weather. The floor was only the boards like you find on most exterior porches, with a slope away from the house. When we decided to upgrade that porch to inside space, we put down plywood underlayment and stickyback vinyl tiled over it and the old kitchen to make-do. DH put in a couple of new circuits for the big French-door fridge/freezer, and the stacking washer/dryer. And we took out the old gas water heater and put an electric one in a tiny enclosure backed up to the fridge, as a temporary water heater.

So given all that, we plan to strip off all the kitchen floor layers and see what is there. The old porch will have to be refloored and raised, and extended across the back of the house further, to increase the size of the Master suite, and that will have to be LEVEL WITH THE FLOORS IN THE BEDROOM. But, I do not want tile in that part of the bedroom, I want it all alike, and I do not want varying levels in my floors. Trip hazards are not something I wish to build into the new setup.

So. I am wanting to put in one continuous flooring material for the house, with the exception of the two bathrooms and the master walkin closet, which have porcelain tile in them. They are about 3/4 inches higher than the existing wood floors. The wood flooring I want to install can sit ON TOP OF THAT FLOOR. DH suggests it go in perpendicular to the direction of the current boards. He also says that water and pet pee will stain between the cracks and thus spread beneath the top finish in a couple of years.

I'm looking at all the pictures of WOODEN FLOORS THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE, and I like it very much. I'll need to put in a different wood than what we have, because of the increased area and there is no match to this wood, nor is there enough of it left to sand and refinish. And, after that might be tried, no guarantee that the result will be anything even similar to what I want.

Now, Sandy, I will be asking my contractor, who is the same one who did our closet/tub bumpout, if he is aware of any source of the heart pine here in south Alabama. I'm not that far from where you are in North Florida, and perhaps the source you used could also be available to me. You can email me with the information if you don't mind.

At least, checking out the heart pine is worth it to me, since DH is concerned about the Bellawood staining. I've seen old homes here in Mobile with 200 year old or MORE, heart pine and cypress floors. Actually, old cypress is my favorite wood in the world, but pine is the thing I'm thinking would be more suitable to maintaining the feel of this stucco cottage which can take a lot of hard knocks. Of all the options that might serve this particular house, I am coming down to two: Bellawood Select Ash wide plank 3/4 inch thick, and then the heart pine with the tungoil finish, also wide plank 3/4 inch thick.

Question to Sandy: Have your floors developed gaps between the boards? How long did they season before installation?
Were they kiln dried?

I am still hanging with a wood floor in the kitchen. I'm not a perfectionist, and can deal with dings and such, and also don't mind floors as long as I don't have to get on my hands and knees to clean it. So that puts me back into the Bellawood with occasional area rugs in high use areas.

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Sorry about not getting back to you with some answers....between being sick and in the last phase of completing our house (looks like it will be done within the next month!).

We bought all of our wood from a sawmill in Williston, Fl. The company is Cracker Style Log Homes. If you do a search it should come up. If not, e-mail me and I'll look the contact information up for you. Bubba is the owner.

The wood is all kiln dried, and we have NO gaps in the floor. However, I made it very clear with our installer to cull out anything that wasn't absolutely perfect. He is also very experienced with heart pine installations, including reclaimed wood, so he is excellent. The installer makes a world of difference, and it worth spending whatever time it takes to find someone who knows what they are doing.

There is a certain waste factor, so extra wood has to be purchased to allow for that.

This floor has exceeded my expectations, and will bring much joy the rest of our lives.

Bubba ships log cabin kits all over the U.S., so I am sure you could arrange to have wood shipped. We did not buy a kit, but we did buy all of the heart pine, and all of the cypress for our home from him. He also does custom milling.


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"I am tired of having my floors all different levels. Up two inches here, down 4 inches there,"

as you mentioned later in your post, that is very dangerous. Bad enough for the younger set but us getting up there in yrs folks sure don't want to deal with anything like that!

"The stuff down as baseboards now is NOT a baseboard, it is sort of window facings and they are so flimsy and beat up, pulling them off will improve the look."

you're describing what's in my mfg home too. Maybe that's what they normally put in (if someone doesn't upgrade when buying) but it is horrible! ugh! I plan to replace it - at least most of it. I'm thinking I might short cut by not changing it out in the closets, behind the fridge, behind the huge storage cab going into my craft/store room, the one in the laundry room etc. but, all of the other that is showing has got to go. I don't want to SEE it. There isn't much in the kitchen or baths either so i don't think it'll be too major to do. I know it'll take ME a long time but will be worth it.

I really think you should be ok with a good wood floor in your kitchen - it's not like you have little kids or gkids living there spilling milk/juice etc. or like me who does continually drop and spill things.

deciding on the flooring is a major pain - there's cons to most of the options. I've looked at some of the 'fake' (whatever - it's not vinyl and not stone or real wood) tile types and the fine print mentions it causing respiratory problems etc. - gee whiz! I have problems with a number of things that way so I sure don't want to chance putting it down and then not being able to breathe. and every time this past yr i've set aside some money for a room or 2 the car needs major $ work done and a vet bill running several hundred hits me. It's getting rather tiring actually. I eyed some area type rugs at W the other day for 20.00 each (5x7) and thought maybe I should just buy a bunch and put down for now. Then go room by room after I save up again. I really don't want all the furniture in on it tho.

I did find a flooring place (a bit far from me tho) that said they have lots of vinyl sheet remnants. I'm gonna try to go there next wk and see if I can get enough to do the closet/pantry floors so I can at least stack boxes in those and not have to move it all to floor it later. It really won't matter what's on those floors. I figure it'll be cheap enough and I can cut it myself and glue tack in and call it good. do not come here and want to inspect my closets - lol!

Sandy - why aren't we seeing pics of your new place going up (gone up?). I feel neglected and shunned...deprived... (maybe depraved too).


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Yes, Sandy, I'd love to see your "Florida vernacular" house, with materials so close to the old style as you could get. It will age with dignity.

I love the regional styles Americans built in different sections of the country. Like the cape up in New England, then the Cajuns and Creoles adapted the cape, really put it up on stilts to let breezes and flood waters roll beneath them. And over in Florida, porches all around, using the wood available, and doing at least piers off the ground for the foundations. I bet you have a metal roof too, Sandy?

BTW, I looked up Williston FL last night, on Google Earth, and saw it was near places I've been to a long time ago. Like Cedar Key and Yankeetown on the Crystal River, totally gorgeous area! And you are probably somewhere near those areas, which they are beginning to call the "Emerald Coast."
It is probably the last remaining unspoiled area of Florida. If I were going there, I'd definitely locate in the bend, behind the shallow water above Clearwater and away from the hubbub of Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville. Your style home will be there and lovely, for a good century to come, unlike some of the quickly built tract homes.

Please send me via the email address shown on my profile page any information about your floors that you can spare.
I'll then present my case to the DH.

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I will do that...I'll see if I have a picture of the floor...we just covered it up with paper to protect it during cabinet install in my kitchen due later this week.

Quality of the sub floor is also part of the floor being a good install or not. It must be level and of good quality.

A few coats of tung oil will make your floor waterproof. Naturally, standing water shouldn't be left there, but done properly it will protect the wood from normal spaltters. A flood in the kitchen may be an issue, I don't know. Have never had one. I suspect flooding would ruin most anything except perhaps tile. I wouldn't do a tile floor again if I got it free. It's awful on the joints. Special mats are a pain and I hated dealing with them.


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I had a fire and looking at looking at replacing the carpet with hardwood. I am 69 and single. What would your recommend? Low maintenance and add value to the house. Have French doors which leak during a strong storm. Perhaps cermic or porcelain tile in front of door?

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Oh yeah, replace that carpet. The door leak can be handled somewhat with a small lip above the doors on the outside.
Are they also on the windward side of your house? That might be one reason it leaks, the wind blowing rain beneath the threshhold. I love the metal flashings around the doors instead of the new fangled foam stuff. My dogs and once upon a time the cats would destroy the foam strips around the doors. I had to look for a long time to find the metal flashings, but when we redo the back door, those will go up.

Sorry about your fire, but it does give you an opportunity to make some changes.

Inset tile by this door if you like, it will wind up looking like a fire hearth, and you can put a boot tray there for your wet shoes. And a hook for your raincoat. Sort of a landing pad.

Our wood is the Bellawood which is diamond finished I think...with the 100 year warranty, not that I'll be around to know, but it is sure pretty. Five inch wide ash, so it is light colored. Do not like dark inside my house, except dark chocolate pudding.

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So did you put the Bellawood throughout ML?

Johndrew, wood floors are nice and they hold up better than carpet to traffic, but do require frequent dusting because you can see every bit of dust that falls on them. Or in my house, you can see every footprint that has disturbed the dust.

If you are worried about water by the doors, what about the tile that looks like wood planks?

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Marti, nope, the floors are not done, the remodel is not begun. However, 1000 sq feet or is it linear feet, of select ash 5" wide Bellawood is sitting in the Teahouse along with the gorgeous Bertazzoni 24" range, the range hood, the big stainless undermount sink, the recycled heavy cypress doors.

I still have to order a GE rollout 2 drawer refrigerator under counter, so that will hold the drinks in the bottom and the fresh fruit/veggies in the top one. I decided to do that yesterday.

The architect is coming around noon Friday, and we'll work out the final details on things like the power supply upgrade, the installation of the new gas line, the roofline and how to redo the front stoop so the new raised seam metal roof job will not be so cutup. And, extending the deck so I can easily roll out my bird cages to the outdoor shower. We'll be considering the synthetic decking, don't know what it's called, but at least the top boards so it won't require sealing every year. And maybe a Generac which runs on natural gas for those times of power outages following hurricanes. I've saved some money to put with DH's estimate, because I know we won't get those results with a small budget. And, I won't expect this little cottage to become a "silk purse." Nope. I want it to be an IKEA kitchen, and have beadboard walls and ceilings in the new area, plus a window seat and flanking cabs/tall pantry in the dining room. It will wind up being my dream home, which I hope to live in for the rest of my life.

Want to see a cute little baby girl doxie? Say HELLO DOLLY!!!

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AW She is looking a little afraid of the camera. Look at those little dagger toe nails. The dumped off Halloween kitten had nails like that too. I had to nip them. She was shredding me.

SO SO Excited about you beginning your remodel. I can hardly wait to see all your great ideas taking shape.

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Shades, you and me both excited. And, of course, if any of my ideas are shot down as "impractical, illegal/not-to-code, impossible, or out-of-date from the git-go" .....then I'll be sure to let SH forum know. It might save someone else from an impossible dream.

My boss parrot, Kimali, has stated TWICE now, "It's a girl," something he's never said before about any other pet. He says usually, "good girl" or "good boy" and makes various sentences with that in them, but never before has he flat stated, "It's a girl."

This morning it is sort of raining or drizzling and big sister Dixie went running out, with me stopping Dolly (she has yet to get her final shots and parvo virus is deadly to little pups). Dixie made her circle of the back garden on a dead run, then came back, pushed open the back door (she can do it unless it is locked)and stood there waiting for Dolly to make the 8" leap out to the deck....which I prevented by sweeping her up under her tight full little belly....but she was poised to go with Dixie. When she can follow Dixie, I think it will be a happy day for both dogs. Dixie is so lonely and wants ME out there with her. I have so much going on now, and Dolly is not old enough yet. Right now, Dixie is lying on the round floor cushion, a little off to the side, so Dolly has room to be fully on it too, rear end pushed against Dixie's middle. Both are full of breakfast and sound asleep, I do believe. I hate to get up and disturb them by exiting stage right to get my coffee and oatmeal.

Don't you just love the coolish rainy days with mist hanging in the air and dampening your forehead, sounds outdoors all muted down and the world seems so quiet?

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Good golly Miss Dolly! What a pretty little Doxie girl! I have had my eye on a doxie/beagle mix named Dolly. We are too cash strapped right now, so won't be getting her. Our 13 year-old Toby dog is pretty much deaf and deserves to have us to himself in retirement, but if I could have a second dog, it would be Dolly!

I have been watching for the start of your kitchen project. It is good to hear that you are getting to start.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Dolly's Petfinder page

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Nancy, your Dolly has a good mix background. The color of the doxie is there, and the overall shape, with a hint of the beagle in the look of her head. I bet she has a good personality too. So sorry you cannot get her.

We would not have Dolly except little old man MoonPie died on October 5th, and since then his sister Dixie has been so needy. Wants me with her every minute. And when I checked the site of a lady online who is from our area for doxie puppies, she had this litter born on October 3d, so it felt to me like she came at the right time to gather in MoonPie's spirit.

She is such a charmer. And full of it!!

The architect came today, a fairly young man who is cousin of the contractor who worked on two previous jobs for us. He has FIVE BOYS. I suppose a family with all GIRLS will be very happy to make THEIR acquaintance!.....

More about that in another thread after I hear back from him.

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oh ML - what a cute baby you have there! Sorry to hear about Moon Pie - did you post that already and I missed it? It's so hard losing one.

pups are so cute - but so energetic, and I'm certainly not energetic!

I'm also excited for your remodel - been waiting a long time for it. You have too - lol!

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oh ML - what a cute baby you have there! Sorry to hear about Moon Pie - did you post that already and I missed it? It's so hard losing one.

pups are so cute - but so energetic, and I'm certainly not energetic!

I'm also excited for your remodel - been waiting a long time for it. You have too - lol!

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Sorry to hear about your Moon Pie, too. Our Casey Jones, our spotted boy who was likely English Setter and Beagle succumbed to his long illness with a brain tumor on October 18. He was my shadow and my lover boy, always needing to be right at my side. But he was also the counter cruiser who made our lives so stressful. DH or I would forget and leave something in his reach, and then, it was Casey's. Toby is now getting and asking for all the attention. What is it with dogs? Why does one of them always have to follow mama to the bathroom? For 12 years Toby let me pee without him, but now that Casey is not there to monitor my bathroom tasks, he feels he must do it. What is with that?

So ML, how did you get DH to agree to the Bellawood? Was Moon Pie the one who might pee between the boards, and with his passing, DH feels safer? Or did you learn something about the Bellawood that made a difference?

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Actually, DH had reservations about wood period. He thought the tile should go throughout the house, and I said NO.

He installed the Bellawood in the front rooms of his Cape up in Massachusetts, and it was the narrow boards of the select ash, very light, and it was gorgeous. That house has lower ceilings than here, and it was basically more individual rooms and not going to be open concept like our living/dining/kitchen/laundry will wind up being. And, our cottage with beadboard could better use the 5" wide boards, also select ash. It sits in my Teahouse under lock and key, with the heat or a/c keeping it properly conditioned for use. I got a bit more than DH estimated we needed, thinking he would skimp on what amount was required, and so there will be enough to have a little left over.....and I will have no problem extending the back porch/addition another foot all the way across, and to floor the tiny new entry as part of the living room. If that doesn't quite make it, well, I can put tile in the entry.

It was MoonPie who hiked his leg on everything, even just a tiny squirt on the house plants, the chair legs, the bed covers that hung down far enough for him to reach, the laundry basket, the garbage can.....I became expert at recognizing what HE did and what Dixie might do. She specialized in the bath mat, since she knew business should be conducted IN THE BATH ROOM. Which is why I am so impressed with Dolly and her arriving at 7 weeks of age already, in effect, PAPER TRAINED. And she cannot yet go outdoors to learn about grass, because she needs her final shots to avoid parvo virus. What a charmer she is though.

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oh lookie! she found something to play with - lol!

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How sweet! I read the reply in my email and did not realize you had sent a picture until Steph commented on it.

I guess, in a way, we had the same discussion about flooring in this house, but DH won. He wanted to extend the Marmoleum to the halls and foyer when we got rid of the terribly stained cream carpet last year. It was more expensive than engineered wood, but Casey did lift his leg on occasion, and he was a big dog. Toby took his lessons at the same school your Dixie did, and only uses the bathmat. The sheet lino is about as bulletproof as you can get, a seam every 6 ft., and it is glued tight. I do like the look. The color we chose for the kitchen/family room, Shitake, which looks light colored in the kitchen with the pickeled oak cabs, looks dark in the hall with less light and the dark wooden doors. Given that I do almost no floor care, I guess it was the right choice. I need to vac up dog bunnies, roofer will be here for an estimate soon - gotta go!

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Roofing too!!!

Are we all doing these major chores which are not beautiful but so necessary? The architect asked me if I was set on the metal roof, and I believe I am. Of course, the insurance company will give a discount for shingles too, but I'm going for the metal, in a brand they will give us a home owners and hurricane discount for using.

Nancy, when you get ready to do the roof, how about starting a thread so we'll all find it? My DH just had a new roof put on the house up in Massachusetts, architectural shingles. So I guess I might as well start a roofing thread, huh. Show those pictures.

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Yes, roofing, too. Remember DH's declaration that we won't do any more major projects for the nest three years? We barely made it a year. The roof is really really really bad, the guys who cleaned my gutters said. We are looking at tearing off the 34 yo shingles, replacing some decking, doubling the amount of soffit vents and downspouts, removing all decking from the area above the family room in order to insulate above the raised ceiling (it is sooo hot in there in the summer!). Fun fun fun.

Last year's foundation disaster almost resulted in us pouring a "porch" foundation the same height as the foyer/laundry room for another 15 ft out from the front door so that when we re-roofed, we could extend the foyer and laundry room out and get a front closet and a laundry room big enough to work in. Didn't do it. (When I say "almost resulted in," it means that Jim and I were contemplating. DH was never on board.)

Kick kick kick.

Instead, we will continue to have a flat area on the roof above the foyer and laundry room and just hope that improved ventilation stops the snow from melting and icing up my porch and ramp. Stupid house designer must have been from the South. Who makes a roof designed to dump on the FRONT PORCH! If we had extended out the front slab, we would have added a roof peak where the flat area is now and the roof would drain to the sides. And I would have a laundry room big enough to fold in, and a front closet. We do have a coat closet in the middle of the house. It could be a Utility closet instead, if we had poured that slab out further last year...........my shins hurt.

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