KimmyStarJanuary 18, 2005

I saw O'mom's pic over at GJ...

so, it might be nice to put faces with names...

Here I am, with my dogsons, Beaux (silver/gray) and Rhett (white)

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Okay, I will play ... this was taken
about three years ago. I am going back
to this shortcut!!!

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Good to see your smiling faces, Kimmy and O'mom.
Here I am... I was holding a yardsale at my friend's house in Massachusetts. Was helping a customer put a purchase in her van when I spied this little shelf amongst her earlier yardsale hauls. Told her I *HAD* to have it, and she sold it to me... I was SO happy!


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O'mom...with your 'shades', you're tooo, how long is your hair now?

Barbara, you look so pleased with your treasure, and I would be, too. The shelf is nifty lookin'.

A friend took my pic. She came and we all put on our good casual clothes and walked around on the farm, with her snapping was fun and we got some great pics.
I have very few snapshots of myself, I'm ususally the one behind the camera, snapping away.

My hair's even longer, now. I'm a ponytail kind of girl...but, several inches are going to get gone, soon. I'm too old to have hair down the middle of my back.


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My hair is just above my shoulders. Too long
to do anything with. My glasses are tinted
because my eyes are extremely light sensitive,
although I am going with a lighter tint this
time around!!

Barbara, neat shelf...if I had a yard sale, I
would probably 'buy' my own stuff!!! lol

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Here I am muggin' it up for ya'll!!!

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okay Kimmy you look exactly like I pictured you, love the dogs.
O' surprised me..your screen name didn't give me a clear pic in my brain and I like your hair short (read some of the GJ posts!)
Barbara you look like your having a great that fits my impression of you
Jane - get rid of the calamity....maybe independentJ or iamwomenJ....just kidding..great to see your pic

I can't find a pic of me...will have DH take one soon...after reading the posts at GJ about hair..I was cracking up cuz I let my hair go long for 2 or 3 years and then get it cut short short short...I like it both ways.

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C-Jane, I'm with Stx...Woman - Hear me ROAR!

O'mom - you still look too cool with those 'shades'!

It is nice to have a face with a name!

Stx...those dogs are my babies...I 'rescued' Beaux from a bad breeder. He still doesn't like men.
I had to go out of town on business and left DH and Brother in charge of him...they let him out and he would never go back into the house...and it snowed... They said he had a trail, in the snow, all the way around the house.
He's also bit (nipped) my DH...doesn't like ANY MEN...and definitely doesn't like sad.
I rescued Rhett from my mom...she got him, and he wasn't prissy enough for her, so he's mine now.
I call them rough and ready poodles. Definitely NOT prissy. Rhett thinks he's a BIG dog.
My brother's dog, Daisy, decided that my StepSon was her there are 3 dogs...

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Still can't find a pic of me....but here are my kids, much better looking than me anyway :)!!!

Linda \- is my old girl \- I saw her born, gave her away and everytime we visited her owner she would try to go home with us. Her Owner went away for a weekend in 95 and she never went home. Gina \- I found almost dead \- ls only 7lbs, thinks she is a LARGE dog..never had a dog under 70lbs. She rules the others \- is always picking on Lexy, we call her our runtweiler. Lexy \- what can I say about her \- 120lbs who thinks she is 7lbs..was given to us after our 3 old dogs died within 6 months of each other and our friends thought we needed her. She is a joy but we do call her our rottenweiler Napoleon \- we got him from the shelter to help take care of Lexy's constant want to play. He was sent to "jail" because he played to much with the neighbors dog \- perfect for us. Petunia \- we got her from the shelter when she was small. At the time we had our 3 other dogs and Linda. Petunia just decided she was a dog to, comes to a whistle, chases the dogs...many other we decided to get a cat to behave like a cat so we got... Pelu \- who Petunia hated when we brought him home from the shelter as a kitten, she was VERY mean to him. However, he has grown up is an excellent mouser, even brings them home from the goat field across the road. He LOVES goats and sheep. We have caught him going nose to nose with large animals. He now occasionally gives back to Petunia what she gave him as a kitten.

Those are my kids!


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Mona, the pics are your 'family' are wonderful.
I love your descriptions of their personalities! They're lucky to have you, and you, them.

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