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phoggieFebruary 3, 2011

As so many of you know, I have rather been at odds with my DH with the house plans he had drawn for us to build (if and when this house ever sells)...and woohoo, tonight he came home and brought a new set of drawings that he has done that I like SO much better...he got it down to 1,982 SF (so I can still be on the "small house" forum), and did some other changes that I fully approve. That means he has to completely re-draw the heating, plumbing, electrical, roof line, material list, etc., which is alot of work for him, but now I can get excited about living in it.....and he likes it better also...and it will not be as expensive to build, it also a plus!

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beachlily z9a

I've lived in my 2,050 home for 11 years and still love it! Hope you have the same experience.

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I'm so happy for you! You seem much more excited about this new this the one with the corner fireplace, on the building forum? It sounds like you finally have the home you've been looking for...Congratulations! :)

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Phoggie, how wonderful for you!!!
I look forward to seeing this progress over the next year or so.

In interest of harmony at home, I won't offer up any ideas that might create any issues between the two of you. But when you ASK for input, that will be different. I am so glad to see this is moving ahead. I think, with your new sense of excitement, it will make a difference in the presentation you make to potential buyers of your present home. You can feel "benevolent" to a house that you know you will soon vacate!!! And that might help a buyer make up his mind.

Now we focus on getting your current home ready to sell.
I'm totally convinced that decluttering and cleaning is the best approach to that. Pack up everything you absolutely do NOT need, and store it off site. Even get a PODS and put it on your new house lot if needs be. SPACIOUS is the word you will present to your buyers.

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yea! glad he has a plan you like. post it when you can!

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Congrats, Phoggie! It is so nice to be in agreement.

I totally agree with moccasin - get rid of as much as you can, and then store everything you won't need for a while. Our RE agent made us do that when we listed the last house. It really made a difference.

I hope everything goes smoothly now that you have the right plan.

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