Need a bit of help with changing my current floor plan

movinginvaFebruary 5, 2013

I am trying to change my floor plan so that I can achieve the following:
1. Most importantly is to be able to eventually put a door to our backyard
2. Keep 3 bedrooms and have two full baths (we currently have 1.5)
I have included my current floor plan that I hope helps (to scale as best I can). I am trying to get plans in place so that I can start saving and buying the necessary material for this project. I am about a year out from my planned start date.

I have two thoughts on reconfiguring the house. DH's input was simply to just have two bedrooms. I don't think that will work for me or for eventual resale.
1. Make the current dining room a bedroom with a full bath (tiny shower) small closet and two doors for access to the bathroom. I would much rather guests use the bathroom on that side of the house and my thought is that I would be able to also keep overnight guests at the other side of the house. We could then use 2/3 of the third bedroom/office and incorporate it into the kitchen as kitchen and dining room space with the window (in the bedroom) eventually becoming a door to the backyard. We could then use the remaining space in that bedroom as a larger closet for Bedroom 1 and make the closet in Bedroom 1 part of the closet in Bedroom 2, therefore both bedrooms will have larger closets. The challenge with that is the bathroom/closet space in what will become Bedroom 3. How can the doors be configured in order to make it work so that there is an entrance to the bathroom from both the bathroom and the bedroom.

2. The other option that I have given thought to is completely removing the 1/2 bath, and opening up the kitchen and dining room area, and eventually making the dining room window a door to the backyard. My concern with this second option is that we will lose the half bath, and have a larger dining area, when I could use that space in other areas like closets or a second full bath. I guess we can also slide the whole kitchen area towards the dining room and move some walls in order to regain that second bath.

I know that you guys on here are excellent at this and it would be really helpful if you could either help me work this out, or suggest other options in order to achieve my door and second full bath. As you can probably tell, my house is pretty small. I absolutely love it, but working with it has been a challenge. Please let me know if you have any questions that will make my ramble clearer

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I thought your plan looked familiar so looked back on your other threads but couldn't find one on your kitchen. Were you the one thinking of putting a half-wall/bar between the kitchen and living room?

As far as resale, what are the other houses like in your neighborhood - 2 or 3 bedroom? If mostly 2 bedroom, then it wouldn't be a big deal to lose a bedroom to gain space in other areas. But then you wouldn't have a guest bedroom, if you have a master and your child's room.

My first thought was to put the dining room in that other bedroom, and see that I said that on your other thread too. lol

I don't know if it would work to put two doors into the half bath. That would really cramp the space. It's not that big of a deal for a guest to go into the hall if the bathroom is right beside the door. It's too bad that can't be configured to be the master bedroom and bath. Split masters are really popular here, and a master bedroom without a bath is a negative.

I wonder, if you could flip the kitchen and bedroom 3. You could open the dining part to the living room, and tuck the kitchen into the space so it's out of sight of the living room, but still open. Move out the wall so you can enlarge both the current dining space and bath. It could even be the master bedroom.

Something like this, but without measurements, I really have no idea.

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Well I'm horrible at envisioning plans, but unless you have a need or desire for a formal dining space, I think I'd try to figure out some way to put the dining room right next to the kitchen and make that your eating area and then put a door out to the back yard in the kitchen/eating area, wherever you could make a decent walkway, etc.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

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I agree with Marti & Wi-sailorgirl--see if you can move DR and put the door in the kitchen.

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Unfortunately, unless I am reading this incorrectly, I think you have significantly larger problems than what you have stated above.

-None of your closets are sufficiently deep. They need to be 2' deep, interior dimensions. If you make the closets between the master and the front bedroom 2' deep, the door to the front bedroom will not line up with the hallway, so you'll have to move the hallway forward, making the hall bath even smaller. Another problem will occur when you make the entry closet 2' deep, which will narrow the living room and result in a pretty odd shape.
-Only a single smart car will fit in that garage, and even that will barely give you enough room to sneak around the front and back. Even a mini cooper won't fit. You mention resale, even if you do own a smart car, this garage won't even count as a garage for resale purposes, but a storage area, assuming you live in the US.
-The half bath is not large enough, assuming it is actually 4x4. You can sneak a half bath into a space 4' x 5' or around there, but any smaller than that and it will be way too tight (and probably not meet code, if you're building in a city). Plus, at that size, the door will need to swing out, into the already-narrow hallway, impeding traffic when it is open. See the image below for minimum dimensions:

It may be that you can work around all of these issues, but before you start tweaking to make it floor better, etc., I think you need to make sure all the dimensions are accurate and acceptable (closets, hallway, garage, bathrooms, and pantry). It would help also to make the interior walls the right thickness (4.5", but I think you have to do whole numbers on floorplanner).

I really hate to be a downer, and I know you love this plan, but have you looked for stock plans of similar size and shape? At the very least, you might see some ideas about how to fit everything into such a small footprint. I designed my own house (with the help of people on GW) mostly from scratch, but looking at stock plans gave me a great deal of help. I started with floorplanner, but since it does not give proper dimensions by default, you have to be extremely careful and put in dimensions everywhere (floorplanner has that option, at least, to put in dimension lines, which you should put everywhere.) Below I've enclosed a link my old floorplanner plan, which I think shows the minimum level of detail you need to proceed. Good luck and please keep coming back!

Here is a link that might be useful: An old post of mine

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Thanks for the feedback so far. Yes, my dimensions are more than likely off - I tried, but I am not great at that kind of thing. The closets are definitely a bit over two feet deep and wide, and I park my car (full size sedan) in the garage every day, so I know it fits :-). It does protrude out past the front of the house. Sorry I missed that in my drawings.

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Oh, is this a remodel of your current house? I thought this was a plan for new construction. If it is a remodel, it would be very helpful to see a plan of the way things are now. Then we could see where walls with plumbing and hvac are which, while they could be moved, would not be quite as easy to move or eliminate.

That makes sense then that the garage is deeper than in the plans.

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@CAMg, yes it is a remodel. I guess I should have said that. I will try to add plumbing etc and repost a layout tonight.

@Marti8a, I did post about putting a bar in. We did get it done, and it turned out quite nice. I knew that I might want to make some layout changes eventually, but I was not ready to do it at the time that we purchased the house.


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I actually found an old layout that I did a while back. It shows the plumbing in the kitchen. The sink and toilet in the half bath are against the wall that adjoins with the kitchen with the sink closer to the door. In the full bathroom, the sink and toilet are against the wall that adjoins with the bedroom with the sink closer to the door, and the tub is on the opposite wall with the plumbing for the tub closer to the door.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would think about swapping the dining room and kitchen and opening it up into one large space. Then e reconfigure the powder room with a small mudroom area by the garage. Add sliders or patio doors out to the back by the new dining room.

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I am thinking about your idea of making the dining room into a guest bedroom next to a full bath, then using the bedroom/office next to the kitchen to expand the kitchen, change the window there into a back door, and change the master bedroom closet space for some of the office space. That is what you wanted to do, right?

First, over in the dining area, the bathroom needs to be enlarged to add a tub or shower. That space must come from the pantry area, I guess. Just extend the half-bath wall until it hits the outside wall and remove the wall between the bath and the pantry, and there is your full bathroom space. Add a bathroom window, now that you have an outside wall, if you can.

Now this small third bedroom will need a closet, to be a legal bedroom. Your best bet for that is to use the wall adjacent to the garage. The door to the bedroom will be a mirror image of the door to the bathroom, on the other side of the wall that separates them. This way, the bedroom does not really share a wall with the garage, it is the closet that will be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. I have no idea how small that bedroom becomes, since you do not have any dimensions listed in the diagram I used.

The rooms are really too small to add unnecessary doorways. You don't have to have the third bedroom have a separate entrance into the bathroom. The bathroom door is just outside the bedroom door, and that is the best you can do with the space that you have. After all, there is not a master bath in this house, why have a guest bedroom with a private entrance to a bath?

What do you think, is the guest room usable?

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If the new bathroom and guest room work, post your agreement, and I will have fun remodeling your kitchen, next!

I am assuming that the wall between the bedroom/office and the living room is a load bearing wall. Is that correct? Do you have information about how large an opening you want between the living room and kitchen? Or is the current bar the only opening you want between the two?

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nancy_in_mich, yes. Sorry it took me two days to respond. It was a pretty busy weekend. That is what I was thinking with the bedroom. All other things being okay, that is the kind of plan I had in mind. The only difference is that I wanted to use one of the smaller windows as the exit to the backyard. I didn't want to have the back exit directly across from the front entrance. I know that might seem strange, but that is one of my odd 'things'.

I checked the dimensions of the room and once I deduct the space for a closet it would be slightly larger than an 8'x8' room which I would imagine is fine since the room gets lots of natural light. I should be able to put a full bed with a small nightstand and possibly a small chair in there.The office is 9' wide (window wall to hallway wall) and 11' long. The wall between the office and living room is a load bearing wall, but I don't think I would like to do anything with it other than closing up the door that is currently there. I would just like to open the space between the office and the kitchen. Thanks! :-)

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8x8 room is often not counted as a bedroom. In my state 10x10 is the smallest legal bedroom (ie, 100 sq feet).

though, what I notice with this layout is that you have 3 sizeable bedrooms plus this tiny "office" space. What you are missing though, is an eating area.

and, remodeling your kitchen along with a bathroom is going to run up the $$$ quickly. Are you sure you won't be ahead to find another house?

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Sorry to resurrect this post, but did anyone have any new ideas for me? Ultimately, I would like to end up with three bedrooms and two baths. I have to do some work on the full bath we currently have within the next few weeks, and would like to plan all the other work around it. Any help would be appreciated. I plan on bringing a contractor in, but would like a clear vision before doing that. I have looked at tons of plans and have come up with nothing. Maybe someone on here would be able to think of something I have completely missed.

Thanks a lot!

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