Can someone please help me to understand this?

Vanislegirl88October 26, 2009

I can't seem to wrap my mind around these instructions...

Machine Invisible Hem Stitch

This one takes some practice, as stated above, but is very easy once you get the hang of it. Fold under to the desired hem width. Set your machine to "hem stitch" (refer to your machine's manual). Then, bend back the edge of the hem, away from the garment. Stitch along this edge, and with every fourth stitch or so your needle will zig-zag over to catch the edge of the garment side. If it zig-zags too far into the garment, it will show more. If it just barely catches it, it may break away.

Why can't I get this? It's the "bend back the edge of the hem, away from the garment" that I can't figure out for some reason....probably need more visuals...

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See if the below videos help you..

When using a blind hem attachment turn the garment inside out.

Here is a link that might be useful: blind hem

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Thanks for your help. I'm going to give it a try again.

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If you want to send me an email with your address I would send you an example made up. It is hard to figure out sometimes. After it has been awhile I have to think about it again. For many years I hand sewed everything and finally I made up my mind I was going to figure it out. I did and wow what a difference it made in hemming all my grandaughters sundresses.. I kicked myself because after I did figured it out I felt a little dumb...


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Thanks Susie, I would really appreciate that. An email is on it's way.

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LOL - I'm not sure I could figure it out from those instructions either. It is very easy and if someone could show you, you would understand in minutes.

Hold the garment so that the wrong side of the garment is facing you. Fold the hem to where you want it to be and pin it in place.

Now pick up the garment and fold the penned hem back under the right side of the garment until you can see about a quarter of an inch of the hem (not the fold). The 1/4 inch is the space in which you are going to be sewing so you should now have the wrong side of the garment facing you and the hem part should be on your right but is folded back under the garment except for the top 1/4 inch. Now, move you pin from the back side to the front side to hold the fabric in place while you sew. You sew in that 1/4 inch space and you machine reaches out with a zigzag stitch about every 4th stitch and catches the wrong side of the garment. After you sew and unfold the hem, you should have tiny little stitches showing from the front side of your garment. I use a short stitch length when I hem. If you get a pucker then you have your zigzag too wide and it is catching too much fabric. Once you get it, you will love it.

I have a friend with an alterations business and she decided to quit because she was moving and wanted to sell all of her equipment. I bought her blindstitch machine. A year later she decided to go back into business in her new town and I sold it back to her. I had never used it because it is much easier to use the blindstitch on my Bernina.

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Excellant directions, soonergrandma.

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