Trying to sew velcro and failing!

oldalgebraOctober 20, 2007

I'm having a terrible time trying to sew the loop side of velcro to a sleeping bag. I've never been able to get my machine to sew the looped side, but in the past, I've had so little to sew, that I've always done it by hand. Now I have yards and yards to do.

Can anyone tell me why I get such a tangled mess and if there is anything I can do about it?

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When I sew velcro I use the zipper foot. Can you move the needle position left and right? If so use the zipper foot and move it left or right and sew along the edge were there are no loops. Take your time and it should be fine.


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The trick is to NOT sew thru the loop part of the velcro. If you look closely you will see that on each side of the loops there is a narrow edge that is smooth. That is what you sew on. Go slow and stay on the smooth part and it will work for you.
Kathy G in MI

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Also, I'd use a new, heavy duty needle (probably a size 18).

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Thank you so much. I did exactly as you suggested: sewed on the edges, went VERY slowly, and used a heavy-duty needle.
It was important for me to be able to do this, as I was helping to repair a friend's sleeping bag. He has done several "man jobs" for us (plumbing, etc.), and I wanted to be able to return the favor.
Again, thank you for taking the time to type up your suggestions.

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Just don't try to sew sticky velcro,what a mess you'll have if you do.

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I have always used a regular needle 90/14. If you use velcro again check the package first. It may say for sew on velcro but some have sticky stuff on the back. You DO NOT want any sticky at all.

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FlamingO in AR

The fusible velcro is very nice, albeit a bit pricey. It really bonds to the fabric well, somehow it melds into it and becomes permanent. Just a little FYI, I know you got your job done, congrats!

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Thanks! I'd never heard of fusible velcro until your post. From now on, it's the stuff for me!

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