Cabinets ordered from Costco

Sandy16May 2, 2012

Hello. I'm planning to relaxed the cabinetry in my home and am hoping someone here has ordered cabinets from Costco and can give me some feedback. There are two lines, Tuscany and All Wood. Both claim solid construction and the pricing seems too good to be true. Thank you in advance for any input.

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Maybe "replace the cabinetry in my home"? Mostly typos are fairly easy to figure out, but this one made me work!

I asked this question about 9 months ago and no one indicated that they had used the Costco cabinets. I contacted Costco to see if there was somewhere I could see these cabinets, but there wasn't. In the end I just couldn't spend thousands dollars on a product I'd never seen. Maybe someone else has taken the plunge on something less critical than a whole kitchen, say a laundry room or something.

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My phone changed replace to relaxed. Sorry for the confusion!

I have ordered a door sample and will receive that soon. I can't find reviews anywhere for any of the cabinet lines Costco carries. It's very odd!

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I didn't get my cabinets from Costco, but I do have a word of caution.

I got a quote on Corian from Costco thinking it would be the lowest price. I then got three other quotes. Costco was 40 - 50% MORE than all three of the other bids.

If you are shopping there for price, don't automatically assume you are getting the best deal.

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Check out this link for cabinet reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco cabinet reviews

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Here's my two cents.

I originally thought that I'd order cabinets from Costco. However, after doing a little research I decided against it.

The cabinet samples came from the sample place as the Hampton Bay (Home Depot) cabinet color samples that I ordered. The samples were virtually identical. I only noticed because the boxes they arrived in were the same and I just happened to check the addresses.

I went to Home Depot thinking that I could take a look at samples but there were none to be found. I was a little skeptical because I couldn't get my eyes on an actual sample of the cabinet.

I, too, was excited about the pricing of the cabinets. However, once all of the trim, end panels, etc are added to the price the prices became very competitive with the prices from the big box stores and my local cabinet maker.

In the end, I'm going to order through a local custom cabinet maker. His prices are competitive (well, actually a tad higher) but I'm able to get exactly what I want without fillers.

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I never ordered cabinets from them but did order their carpet. BIG MISTAKE! They claimed that they were scotch guarded and they were certainly not. They stained within the first year very plainly and could not be cleaned. They look disgusting after 6 years and we are finally replacing them.

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Well, we tried to get a bid on Costco cabinets just to check the other prices we were quoted. We submitted all of the paperwork requested and were told someone would contact us within 3-5 days. That was three months ago and we still haven't heard back from them.

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I went through the bid process at my local Costco last April. The representative they sent out was selling Schrock cabinets. The cabinets they bid were not all plywood and cost more than custom cabinets through a local maker. So, they got cut from my list.

However, I went to the Costco website just now and did not find Schrock. I found All Wood brand. So if they have changed vendors, people's past experience may not be helpful for you.

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costco? really?

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Thanks for all the input and yes, Costco, really. Does seem crazy. I've been to Home Depot, Lowe's and 2 local stores. The lowest number was 25k. Pricing same sizes and cabinet types the All Wood Cabinets came up to under 17k. That is a huge difference! A lot of it is that the AWC cabinets come with the side panels, pull outs, molding, pot and pan trays, etc. Granted the higher bids included install. The installation is almost equal to the sales tax that will be charged if I don't have them installed.

I am just stunned by the price difference and thought for the difference I should certainly do some research. I have ordered a door sample and will check it out.

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If you search the archives, you'll find a few threads that reference All Wood. One of the contractors we're considering uses them, he claims they can get the cabinets for incredibly cheap. They are made in China, fwiw. The prior feedback here was minimal but reasonably positive from what I recall. My major hesitation is the limited sizes, even for my tiny kitchen it would be a problem. Another similar product seems to be 6 Square (also sold as Cliq cabinets on line); they are also made in China but have a wider variety of sizes and styles, and have a lot of reviews/photos on the website. Also very limited reviews here but seemed positive. Others on this site seem to have used discount cabinet places on line or in real life with good outcomes, as well as Ikea and ready-to-assemble cabinets. I wish there were a good list of lower-price but reasonably decent quality cabinets - it is a huge proportion of the budget even for a small kitchen and while I love all the higher-end cabinets on this site, I just can't spend that. Good luck!

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yes, I would consider more research...who will do final measure, what if something gets deliverd wrong, how is it handled, what if you need an extra piece of scribe, who will install them and at what price. Are you sure all the ends are finished and quoted the same way? Who is your point person, an 800 number or a local individual?

Just a side note, I looked into closets from costco last year and found out from the closet company that its more marketing hype than actual real discounts. SO, thats why I'm surprised by your pricing -- just wondering if there is something thats missing, know what I mean?

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I looked at the Costco cabs on line for my tiny kitchen too and thought they looked very nice but found that I was left with a lot of fillers and by the time I added everything on (and I realized after working with HD) that I left a lot off, it wasn't so "cheap" after all.

I ended up buying KM at HD when they had tons of special offerings . . free sink base, free crown, free finish upgrade, $$ off based on what I spent. It cut the cost considerably. I also used their credit card and have an extended amount of time to pay off, interest free. I had the money set aside but it's kind of nice seeing it still there in the account even if it is only temporary.

Good luck with your project!

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Allwood is made in china with carrb 2 compliance and assembled in florida. All wood has a lot of indpendent dealers that sell it also. Costco sells it a good margin that makes it profitable for a local dealer to match their price. It drives me nuts their wall cabinets are made for top mount crown molding. It is much more difficult to install when the the molding is supposed to touch the ceiling. There is not space to float it for the high's and lows of the ceiling.

I have an account with them and 6 Square but do not like to promote them. Their quality is not near as good as 6 square and as mentioned 6 square has many more cabinet sizes. I have decided as a independent store owner to not sell 6 square either as they do not have all the sizes you need and people just get confused that you can not get every color in every door style. I have all my sample mounted on walls in a selection like room and am constantly saying to people well this you can get in any color this you can not. This you can get some etc. It becomes a pain to teach everyone the differences between all the companies.

I have a kitchen I am finishing up that has been on hold to install for a year. In that time all wood has decided to charge extra for finished ends and now adds a 1/4" panel on the side in florida and calls it flush. One cabinet we ordered after the original set was ordered has this factory applied finished end and it is a terrible job. I would have thought someone physically handicapped would have put it on.

If you are looking for value I do not think they offer it. The box construction is good but everything else is a pain in my opinion.
6 square and allwood prices are fairly similar. The raised panel cherry door style from 6 square has been more expensive on quotes I have done then going with a custom company I work with.

If you are looking for a better price go with standard overlay cabinets with plywood construction and the price will be better then what you are paying for in 6 square and all wood.

To me it is better to have all the available sizes of a good semi custom company then mess around with a constrained line that has limited sku's and limited styles and colors.

That is just my 2 cents.... If you really want a low price and a nice look River Run is a good choice.If you are in the North East Wolf is another brand that can be less expensive. Fabuwood has a lower price if you find someone who will sell them unassembled at a low mark up. The increase in price to All wood and 6 Square is not worth it over a larger portfolio of semi custom.

I have worked with a lot of cabinet companies in the last few years looking for the silver bullet in cost to only decide price is so relative you can not have the best price on every product every time and you just chase your tail.

I personally have concluded what works for me......

I was pricing a kitchen out the other day that got me chasing an account with conestoga RTA which turned out to not be a good price to me as a dealer.

Entry level products:
Wolf Classic and River Run had dealer cost of about 2.5k

6 Square and All wood would classify as stock line here between entry level and semi but the price would be closer to the semi custom price. I would expect it to be 3. something k

Semi custom products:
Brandom had a dealer cost of about 3.9k my semi custom company even though I do not care for a lot of their colors... go figure I stick with them because the price is good and they turn out fairly consistent products from one delivery to the next. I signed up with Wellborn Forest last fall for example as I like thier colors and door styles better but have decided to forget them. Many of my orders have not shipped complete things are missing on the truck when the paper work states it should be there for example. They also have a very short build time which in theory is nice but in the real world their quality control is lacking to be polite to say the least.

Custom Products
Touchstone Custom was 4.3k

All wood and 6 square would have been close to the 3.9 k price but not had near the options that Brandom has. The book for all wood is approx 30 pages long. 6 square is closer to 100 with half of those being spread sheets for pricing. Brandom is approx 400 pages long and geppetto is over 800 pages long. It is not worth the hassle of never having the one thing you need in the design to personalize it per say.

Conestoga RTA would not even give me a price that would match my Touchstone custom price which got me frustrated truth be told. As a dealer you do not know where the price of everything is just like you do not as the end user. Being a dealer is more difficult because you can not get access to the pricing and really decide what will work till after you sign up with them to make a go at it. Anyways I am not convinced I got a good price on Conestoga RTA but I have no way of knowing other then it does not match up to what companies pricing I already have. A Side note for all the Gw'rs on here that are conestoga RTA fans.

Point being is that All wood and 6 Square have prices close to semi custom companies with not the options to really brag about.

Price is always relative as one day I am the best deal people can find that I meet and other days my same prices with the same mark ups are not as good as alternatives in my area. The longer I have been in the kitchen business the more I have decided the constrained cabinet lines are more of a pain then a blessing for the dealer or the end user with a few exceptions.

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Dave, that was an enlightening post.

I bought my bathroom cabinet from Canyon Creek:

I didn't need many extras for what I needed. You will want to be sure to get the Blum hardware for the drawers.

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I got mine from costco with out paying the middleman. good price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco Cabinets

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