Mama Goose and others who have/like unfitted kitchens

lavender_lassFebruary 3, 2012

I'm trying to come up with something functional, but still fun, with the kitchen countertops.

Here's the plan From Courtyard Garden album

And as most of you know...the one constant in my many plans, is the bunny backsplash tile and blue countertops :)

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures]( From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

I want to have white cabinets on the perimeter, but I'm thinking about a piece of marble or white granite, between the range and oven/microwave. Something that would be good for baking and could also take a little heat, from warm (not hot) pans.

For the island/work table, I'm thinking a butcher block countertop...but I'm stuck with the legs. Should they be blue? Something else?

I'd like to do vinyl 'wood' floors and have lots of yellows, greens, blues and a bit of purple, with the white and wood (mostly with the fabrics) so any other ideas?

Also, thinking about blue countertops in the pantry area, too. The reason I'm asking about all this now...the blue arborite has been discontinued and it might be available at a discount. I know I have lots of versions of the plan, but I always have the blue countertops! LOL

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I meant to add...also looking for ideas on mixing cabinetry and adding plate racks, open shelves, glass uppers, etc. I like white cabinets, but also open to wood accents and maybe blue or green. Any ideas?

Mama Goose's kitchen is so neat, I'm hoping to add a few of the many cool features, she incorporated.

Also...does anyone have an electric range with a grill option? We don't have any gas lines out here, so it's propane or electric...and I don't like the propane tanks. Too many hunters and people running into our house...can you imagine if they had hit a tank??? Yikes!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

lavender_lass, I've been busy with the guest room (have paint in my hair, lol), and haven't been here much lately. Thank you, as always, for the kind words about my kitchen. Although I haven't been able to make a decision on the flooring to finish it yet, I still love the way it turned out, too.

One thing that I love is the more adventurous color scheme--the old kitchen had off-white cabinets with a few bits of blue green. I don't decorate with 'true' blue, but I love the combination of yellow, green and blue/lavender/purple--it reminds me of spring, daffodils and grape hyacinths, or flax, which I think might be the tiny blue flower in your lovely inspiration tile.

I would highly recommend a piece of marble for a baking slab. Watch craigslist for an end-table top--they can often be had for around $25.00, and are just about the right size. Carrara would be pretty with all the blue you have planned. And I know you will be comfortable with a little patina. :)

As for the butcher block table legs, I'd suggest waiting until the kitchen is otherwise complete, then decide on the color for the legs. They can be painted or stained at that point, to mix or match with cabinetry, plate racks, or countertops.

If the Arborite can be obtained at a steep discount, and you know the amount you need, it might be worth it to buy the countertop material and store it for awhile. If, for some unforeseen reason, you don't use it for the kitchen, maybe it could be used for laundry room, craft area or office--depends on the deal you can get.

I know there are differing opinions on the number of countertop materials that should be used in a kitchen, as well as the number of different paint colors, but I say "Do what YOU want--you will be using the space every day!"

Can't help with stove/grill advice, but I don't blame you for being 'gun shy'! ;)

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Mama Goose- Gun shy...LOL!

Well, bad news. I contacted the ONLY supplier of Arborite I could find, in our area...and they didn't know what I was talking about. So, no discount there...and maybe no blue arborite, at all.

So, maybe I can find another blue countertop, but I haven't seen any others I like. They're usually too dark or too busy (faux granite) and I want something calmer, so it doesn't compete, with the bunny tiles.

My other idea...maybe butcher block countertops with the bunny tiles and maybe a piece of marble, on the island? Here's a picture I like of the butcher block :)

From Courtyard Garden album

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LL - Do you already have the bunny tiles? If not, have you considered getting them now in case they get discontinued in the future?

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Dekeoboe- No, I don't have the bunny tiles, they're my inspiration piece, though. The artist, who painted them, passed away before I ever saw the tiles, on the Internet. I think they're beautiful and I'm going to see if I can paint some...or have a friend help me. I know a gal, who teaches that type of thing, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it will work out :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

The wood counter-tops are beautiful--they look as smooth as silk! Do you remember the Kitchen forum members who used India ink to dye their wood counter-tops? I think it was honorbiltkit and brickmanhouse. If IRC, the counters were Ikea butcherblock. Maybe you could find a brighter blue dye to use on wood tops for part of the kitchen. I don't know their source, but check the last paragraph in the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen counter-tops

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OH I really like the idea of staining the butcher block a color. Was thinking about our master bath door and drawer fronts.I would like them to be a color. LOL Imagine that.

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I don't think I want to dye the countertops, but that's an interesting idea. I like this picture, too...especially for the island. I don't know if I need a prep sink, but it is handy :)

I think it would look nice with the vinyl 'wood' floors.

From Kitchen plans

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I have custom hickory cabinets being made right now, with just a very slight hint of stain (nutmeg) to bring the grain out nicely. I am having soapstone countertops and will be picking out the slabs this's an 8 hour drive away!

I have my range and hood already in place. We bought a ruby red Bluestar gas range and ruby red hood with brushed stainless trim and straps. Kind of looks like a country french style hood.

I don't have many uppers as I chose to have windows instead, but the oners I have will have glass front doors. I chose glass that looks like antique glass (clear with just a hint of waviness).

I had concerns about propane tanks as well. Our propane company has assured us that normal bullets can NOT penetrate propane tanks. They assured us it would take armored military type bullets to penetrate the tank. I'd say that if we had those wizzing around we have bigger problems than whether we are cooking on gas or electric.

I plan on rich red milk painted accent pieces in the adjoining laundry room and pantry.

Do not be afraid to put what you want in your kitchen. it will all work, particularly if it makes you happy.


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Lavenderlass, i've followed a lot of your posts, but I don't remember if you've discussed this already. Why not blue cabinets? Or some blue cabinets, like on your lowers? That way you can go with a neutral (white laminate?) countertop and let the bunny tiles really stand out. You could then find the exact shade of blue you like for your cabs, instead of hunting for a blue that may not exist in the countertop world.

Again, I'm sure you've thought of this, so forgive me if I've missed this discussion. I just think painted cabs would look wonderful in your kitchen. Of course I'm biased, as we're currently painting our new cabs yellow. :)

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Hlove- I have thought about blue cabinets, but I'm afraid they'll look a little gloomy. There's no natural light in the kitchen work area and I've noticed blue can look too cool, without a lot of light.

I have thought about a blue plate rack or maybe a blue island...but I don't think that will really work, either. I like the blue countertop, mainly because it looks so good with the bunny tiles!

Do you think a green island (like the leaves, in the bunny tiles) would be too much color? I've been playing around with blue countertops (except between the range and oven) and put some marble or white granite there, to set hot things on. Then a wood/butcher block top, on the green island. Yikes, so many choices! LOL

Sandy- My favorite wood cabinets have a nutmeg color to them. That's going to be beautiful, especially with the red range and hood! What a cheerful place to walk into, each morning :)

Oh, thanks for the info on the propane tank, too.

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Hlove- I forgot to mention, I am thinking about painting the hutch blue, in the dining area. There's more light over there and I think the blue would look great, with the dishes :)

Looks like we're back to the single banquette, with maybe an arched window (if I can find an affordable one) and a smaller window, with a window box outside, on the other wall, but that's not shown, in the plan.

From Fairy tale cottage

Window, except over banquette, instead of sink.

From Fairy tale cottage

I think this is may be turning into a colorful, hobbit kitchen...with bunnies! LOL

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Oh, I had the best idea this morning...what if I move the wall oven/microwave, out of the kitchen?

I do plan to have a range (not a cooktop) so there would be two still in the kitchen. And, I plan to put some kind of fireplace/surround around the woodstove, so it's not so hot, for people walking into the room. So, I should be able to move the fridge, over to the other side. And, I moved the washer/dryer into the mudroom, with the wall oven/microwave into the pantry area...with marble countertop! Add some metal inserts into the lower cabinets for flours, etc. What do you think?

Very excited...I'd finally have a baking area and a place for the marble! I'm thinking blue countertops on the L part of the kitchen, butcher block on the island (with small bar/prep sink) and probably butcher block around the vintage sink, in the pantry area. The main sink would have a pass through, instead of a window (maybe with an arch to match the banquette window?) stash baking sheets/pans in, for clean up.

Oh, and three sinks (I know) but the vintage sink out of the old farmhouse is shallow (with drainboards on both sides) which makes it perfect for watering plant, cleaning veggies, arranging flowers, etc. The main sink (maybe a big farm sink?) will be for clean up, with dishwasher on the left, trash on the right. Since we have a dishwasher, the big sink is for baking sheets, big bread bowl, mixing bowls, turkey roaster, etc. The bar/prep sink is for my husband to make drinks (for friends) and for washing produce, out of the fridge.

If possible, it would be great to include a little under counter fridge (doesn't have to be fancy) in the baking area, for margerine, cheese, fruit, etc. for baking. This would be so cool!

From Fairy tale cottage

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Re: the you like green? If not, I wouldn't do it just for the bunny tiles. I just think those tiles are so adorable that the blue countertops would detract rather than showcase them. A white countertop might visually extend the bunny tiles a bit so you are more focused on them. Still love the lower cabs using blue from the tiles (or blue island, at least), but you know your space best in terms of how much light. Maybe the blue lowers would ground the space? With white from the countertops up through the tiles to the upper cabs and ceiling, it might make the space feel taller? Not sure how high your ceilings are....

Anyway, I can't wait to see what you do!

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Actually, I like a nice green...and it looks a lot better than the blue, with butcher block, IMHO. I love blue, but over the years, I've found it's hard to make it the main color in a room...without going all white and neutrals with everything else. I think it always looks better, when it's with other, yellow, orange, etc...except in a sunroom, where you can have white wicker, lots of cushions (with the other colors) plants and flowers. Now that's a pretty combination...I think I just described my sun porch :)

Well, after talking to my mom (my design guru LOL) I think we've come up with some great ideas!

White perimeter cabinets in the main kitchen, with bunny tiles and blue countertops. Blue on back wall of glass uppers to showcase dishes. Green painted island with butcher block countertop. Blue dish cabinet/hutch in dining room...with marble top and white back to upper glass cabinets.

In pantry lower cabinets with shirred fabric all around front (so you'd only see the sides of the cabinets) and white glass uppers, with blue background. White beadboard backsplash. Stainless steel countertops, on either side of white vintage sink with double drainboards. Great for cutting flowers, cleaning vegetables, setting hot pans on, etc.

Baking area...white oven/microwave, green cabinet with marble top, closest to oven/microwave. Small undercounter fridge by walk in pantry, with wooden counter above (not so heavy) and a good place for chopping veggies. White cabinet by freezer and white beadboard backsplash, behind baking area.

Soft yellow/gold walls throughout both spaces and vinyl 'wood' floors. Fabrics would be with blue, green, yellow, and some lavender, with maybe a little pink, in the florals, with checks, stripes, etc. Probably white banquette, wood pedestal table, white and wood chairs and green buffet table, by window..with wood top.

Thought about blue wood stove, but I think black will fit the space a lot better. So, what do you think?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

A black stove is more traditional, and you'll have a lot of colors going on, so my vote is for black.

Great idea to put an under-counter fridge in the baking area. When I was first planning a baking cabinet (as opposed to replacing the whole run of cabinets), I'd considered that option--inserting a fridge under a marble slab, where the range used to be. In addition to butter, cream cheese, milk and other perishables, I like to keep whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and yeast in the fridge--keeps them fresher longer.

Love the idea of a green island :), and yellow walls, and beadboard, and a cabinet skirt--it all sounds absolutely charming.

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Mama Goose- Thanks! I'm really excited about the choices. My mom came up with the stainless steel countertops, by the pantry sink. That's going to be so practical! My mom calls it 'scullery' on the bottom and 'butler's pantry' on the top...fancy dishes and vases on top...and cat boxes, extra litter, behind the shirred fabric! LOL

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Mama Goose- You saw what my search for a blue hutch turned up, on the other forum...the rabbit hutch! LOL Maybe not exactly what I was looking for, but would work with the bunny tiles...and the right wall color, too :)

From [Fairy tale cottage](

This is pretty close to the green I'd like to use on the island, but with a butcher block top.

From Fairy tale cottage

This blue is a little darker, but I like the fabric...and with stainless steel counters, it would be similar to what I'd like to do in the pantry.

From Fairy tale cottage

And the picture of this little bunny is so cute, I had to post it :)

From Fairy tale cottage

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Lavender, I'm thinking you'd be better off getting a lively gray for the countertop if you cannot find the blue Arborite you want.

Blue is a color which responds differently to the light cast upon it, and it seems to eat light. My reason for not wanting something in the kitchen which would cost a bunch to change. However, some of the speckled quartz has blue notes in it. The one I love, and have used in the cape up north, plan to use down south, is Silestone STELLAR SNOW. It is white and gray and sparkly, works great with lots of colors, stands heat, does not stain, and it's hard to see crumbs on it, unless you run your hand over it. Otherwise, I think you might look into Corian, which can be sanded to remove stains because color goes all the way through. Just be cautious of WHICH BLUE you choose. A "fashion" color will soon change, and date your kitchen. Your farmhouse should be classic, and therefore timeless.

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ML- Blue used to be popular (my aunt has it in her kitchen) and I think it's so pretty! I'd love to get that blue, but it's not available any more...of course, neither is the arborite.

When we get to the point we actually have to choose a countertop...I'm hoping they'll have some new colors available. I don't like a dark or gray blue...something like a light morning glory blue is my favorite. Then, I can color match the paint to the countertop.

With the new bright greens and other colors that are coming out in the quartz, I think formica will soon have brighter, clearer shades, too. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

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It all sounds lovely, lavender lass! Very cheerful and cozy!

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I was playing around with idea of ceramic tile, on the kitchen forum. Plllog came up with a very interesting use the blue tiles for the countertop and the backsplash would be the bunny tiles...but to put a white edge on the blue countertop and a thin blue tile, above the bunny backsplash. Very vintage!

After taking a week to 'play around' with the idea, I think the baking area will have to go back in the main kitchen. I just use the wall oven too much, to have it in another area. Instead, I'll get rid of the island prep sink, which will give me more space and move the freezer to where I had the wall oven, in the back area. Maybe put a bench with hooks above, where the freezer/cab space is now. Still fine tuning, but I'm really liking the tile countertop :)

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