What would you do?

frankietoMay 22, 2013

After several meetings with the KD and Contractor and reviewing and finalizing the design details, choosing the countertop and backsplash etc... I find out that my husband just got laid off.

So what to do? Do we go ahead with the renovation? We have been saving up for this renovation and have the funds for it BUT he did get laid off and that is completely unexpected so putting the project on hold is an option. ARGH!!! I was not expecting this stress.

So what would you do? Go ahead with the renovation OR put it on hold?

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I feel for you! What a stressful situation. I hope he finds a new job soon.

I would put the project on hold. Hopefully it won't be for too long. The KD and Contractor will understand.

Good luck!

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Put on hold. Remodeling is very stressful. Add to that the job loss and that would be asking for trouble.

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Umhm. Uncertainty is stress. You'll have more fun if you don't have to worry about money while you're remodeling. Just move the money into an account that is not linked to others. That way it can't slip away paying for things you could have done without until a new job is secure.

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Holly- Kay

Definitely put the remodel on hold. You may need the funds to live on unless you have six months or more of expenses saved. Even then with the job market being so depressed it is better to be safe than sorry.

Your kitchen project should be an exciting (yet stressful time) in the best of times. With the uncertainty that you are facing now it will be all stress no excitement.

Praying for hubby to be called back quickly or to find another, even better job soon.

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We will put it on hold. I just need to break the news to the KD and contractor who have already spent so much time with us.

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Sorry to hear that, hopefully he finds a job very quickly and you are able to pick the project right back where you left off!

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Holly- Kay

I am sure they will understand. It's not like you are firing them, you are just pushing the project to the back burner for now.

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Congratulations, Frankieto, on making the difficult but responsible choice.You are doing the right thing, disappointing though it surely is. I hope DH gets an even better job soon so you can have your new kitchen.

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Glad to hear you are waiting until your dh finds another job. You are lucky the timing went as it did and not after you had begun!

Good for you for having a healthy nest egg in place! Worse comes to worse, it could pull you through this tough time, unexpectedly, when you really need it. Far better than a new kitchen!

Good idea to keep the funds totally separate, pretending they're not there.

Hope your dh is able to quickly find work so you can enjoy your new kitchen sooner than later!

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Frankieto, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's job. I hope he finds something else soon. In the meantime, I agree that you are making the best choice. It's a shame that the others invovled in your project will also lose the income from your remodel, but I have no doubt they will understand.

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My kitchen has been on hold due to the company DH and I work for being sold.
New ownership just took place at the end of March. Our company has been struggling, so I'm waiting to see if the new owners will be able to turn us around.

I've been afraid to spend any money until things are more secure.
Who knows, I might have to change to nokitch4me :)

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