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nicethymeJanuary 24, 2008

one of them anyway

My mom got hers and called to say that she hung it in the kitchen after taking down a home interior plaque on friendship to make room.

She said she was starring at it for a while and then it hit her like a ton of bricks "omg, candy doesn't hate me" lol So I assured her that of course I don't!, just because we're not friends doesn't mean I don't treasure her as my mom (she's never understood that, the source of all problems is her trying to mould me into someone she'd like!)lol well that and she hates my Dh... which is also an insult to me... geez ya think after 20 years, she'd stop trying to stop the marriage!)

but it comes down to I do love my mom, I managed to show her in something I made,,

btw, I did come clean about the poem - told her it was written especially for her by a great lady named CHICKEEMAMA! LMAO!!!!!!

so My sis has still to get hers, it was just sent out yesterday since it took that long to get her mailing address and now I just learned she's moving again and may be gone before it arrives... stay tuned for the MIA shrine story!

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What?? You out-ranked home interior? WOW!!lol
Moms, ya gotta love that they try to control everything you do. In their own way thats showing love..
Now, to wait on Sis'!

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Moms can be so complicated . . . The reference to home interiors really gave me a laugh . . . I almost forgot about them and my mom looooooooooooved her home interiors!

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Well, that wasn't too bad. At least she didn't hate it!!

My parents couldn't have been more disappointed in me if I was an axe murderess, so I know how that is.


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yes! now I know I matter - I CAN out rank a crappy rip off of a Kinkade painting and 2 matching sconces! LOL

I kid of course, but you know... that plastic wicker never goes out of style. It can carry 40 years worth of spray paint layers and look just as fresh as the day it was extruded!

yeah, I don't know what's happening with the sister I'm told this am that she's flying to Vegas to get hitched in an Elvis chapel... I'm just hoping that she's been in her appt long enough that a neighbor might hold the box for her... it's a race I guess she's moving today and tomorrow and mail could possibly get it there tomorrow... ugh who knows???? lol but I love her too

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OH NT! This is almost sad but I was laughing with you. "Moms...try to control everything you do." WAIT! I resemble that remark! LOL AM I turning into my mother???!! NOOOOOOOOooooooooo ROTF re: home interiors, my mom has the metal butterflies! I guess I could always mosaic them, right?

I hope your shrine catches up with your sister.

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She has something against a guy who sends you to live in the basement?!!!(Craftroom!lol!) 20yrs with the same guy, I'd say it's an amazing feat in this day and age, Good for you two!!! I'm glad she "got the message" with your gift! AND I'm glad you shared all this with us!! Your Sister Jane, ya you heard right, I've adopted you! So when can I expect that shrine???!!!

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Oh, NT - how nice to read this. It's too bad that Mothers/Daughters have this thing between us, but we all do. My DD who, is the alcoholic, blames all her problems on me from babyhood - EVERY ONE OF THEM. I read these things written by her hand, and weep, but know in my heart that whatever makes her think these things, I thought at the time I was doing my best as a mother. I ask forgiveness all the time for whatever ill effects my mothering had on her. She TELLS me that she loves me more than anyone on earth, but in AA, she blames me for her bad behavior. ??????? Most of us do our best as mothers, and hope we're doing the right thing. You seem like such a wonderful mother. Your Mom's gift has touched her heart, and I'll just bet your Sis's gift w/have the same effect. Your artistic heart produced two wonderful gifts, and have touched a nerve. That's what art does.

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I think sometimes there is nothing so complex on earth as a mother daughter relationship. I try to remember that my dds may become women that I wouldn't choose as friends and thats OK. That's really where our troubles lie, in the comparison of 2 daughters, one who calls everyday and shares every little detail and the one who doesn't! lol

I'm less angry that way LOL

ah Slow, I'm sure you know well the addictive mind. Part of her journey will be taking responsibility for herself. Its a mental illness that warps the meaning of history and lays the blame everywhere it can. Try hard to protect your heart from the disease and leave access for her love!

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Nice Im glad she got your shrine. But no way would I have confessed that you didnt write that poem unless she asked!!! You silly girl!!!

Ya Moms and daughters....yep I have a mom and she has a daughter...I love her though. I cant say I always get along but for the most part we do!!!

Hope your box gets to your sis..and I guess congrats to her on getting married..w/ elvis an all!!!?

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NT, I'm so happy for you that your mom recognized your sentiment in your art. She will always look at that with a smile on her face (and in her heart). I'm sure that gives you peace in your heart to know you found a way to reach out to your mom and sister.

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I'm glad your mom appreciated, and understood your shrine and actually has it hanging up in a public area of the house!!!

Slow, you can not blame yourself for the way your daughter turned out. I am the middle of 5 kids. We were all raised the same way by my parents. My older sister is the black sheep of our family. She is a habitual liar who tries to suck everyone around her into her latest fantasy she is living. She should really be an actress...she can cry the biggest crocodile tears on a moments notice. She also tries to blame my mom for how her life turned out but I keep telling my raised us all the same way and she is the only screw up out of 5, so it's not's her!


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got this from sister last night

Yes it came yesterday but I never got a chance to call or get online. Thank you sweetie, it is beautiful and it made me feel really special that you cared enough to make something so beautiful for me! I can't wait to find somewhere to hang it up. someday I hope it have time to make something beautiful for you as well, but til then just know I really love you very much. I wish we lived closer so we could be more involved in each others lives. thank you again!

(I think my point of living far away is lost on her) LOL But she liked it and I think she might take it out of the box someday?

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Well, that's a pretty good response, I think. At least you conveyed your feelings.

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That sounded like a very heartfelt note your sister sent.
Whether she ever takes it out of the box, or not. It's all in the gesture.
Your sister/mother relationships sound like a carbon
copy of mine...except when I was 26 my 28 year old sister died...we
could never be considered close, but I still miss her.
You did a good thing.

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She MEANT it, NT. Congratulations on touching two people deeply w/your art. Doncha just love making those little shrines? Anxious to see your next project.

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Awe Linlee, I'm sorry to hear that. My sister is also 2 years older than me... We do share alot of similiarities don't we? I joke about my sis, we're not close but I do love her.

Slow, this HAS really changed my direction and makes me want to add more feeling into my creations. Make them more personal than ever before. But that may be feeding my indecision right now... I don't know? I'm experiemnting right now and hope to post a WIP soon.

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NT I'm so glad you received that note from your sis. I think she means it.

Slow I agree with Crafty my ex is one of 8 (7 boys, 1 girl). All raised the same way, he is the middle son, and the black sheep. He's an alcoholic, in total denial BTW and blames all his problems on me! Oh well, it took a long time for me to realize that it wasn't me. Sometimes mental abuse is worse than physical. I would have faught back sooner if it had been physical...

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I think I missed the pics of your shrines, so I went and looked at them on photobucket. OMG, they are beautiful, inspirational, and almost made me cry! I want to do something like that now for my mom, sister, daughters, best friends.

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Thats wonderful NT!

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Ahhhh, luv it! NT, you described "The Disease" so perfect!!
And I think anybody who puts so much time into their DD's closet door is an AWESOME MOM!!!

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