Have you installed RTA cabinets?

ijensenMay 29, 2013

I have over thought this so much I have about made myself sick. I am planning a kitchen remodel and having such a hard time with making some decisions. I have decided to use RTA cabinets in my kitchen and would love some opinion from those of you who have used them. I would like your likes, dislikes, what to avoid, customer service and quality. However, donâÂÂt limit your opinion to just thoseâ¦.give me all the information you can. It is not a huge kitchen, but I am looking for the best bang for my $$$. Also, we are just two older folks, with no children in the home and only occasional visits from the grandkids. I know kids can do a lot of wear to cabinets. There are several places I have researched, including The RTA Store, Cabinets Direct, Cabinet Broker and RTA Kitchen Cabinet Store. Have any of you used them? I like the fact they are all wood, no mdf or pressed wood. Plywood frame is great and the fact they have wood shelves instead of the plastic coated pressed wood ones is a plus. I also understand they can make them sound better than they are.
We are pretty handy (and have tools) and have done a lot of home projects so assembling them isnâÂÂt a concern. I ordered door samples from one place, and have noticed they all offer about the same, just call them different style names.
Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance!!!

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If you are reasonably handy the fact that the cabinets are RTA should cause you no problems. The truly cheap, lower quality MDF cabinets are sometimes warped, but this is rare even at this level.

However, do what most people don't do: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. And, don't assume that because you followed the instructions for one cabinet that all the other cabinets work the same way.

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I had a really good experience with Scherr's. Excellent customer service, communication, and quality. Plus fully custom and made in the US.

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Search the forum for my user name and some threads about Barker Cabinets. They have worked out really well for us and Chad is really responsive when you have questions.

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Sophie Wheeler

All of the ones you listed are Chinese. I just wouldn't go there. Especially since there are so many options that aren't Chinese.

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We used Scherr's, too, and they were wonderful. We just gave them the dimensions of the cabs and the appliances that we chose and they designed the cabs with the proper spacing and all the stuff a good KD would do.
The customization is the best - the wall oven cabinet was worth it alone.
The instructions were terrific, customer service wonderful - I just can't recommend them enough.
We got the mixed-hardwood boxes for our drawers. They are beautiful dovetailed boxes, and you only notice the crazy woods when the drawers are pulled out. It appeals to my reducing/recycling/reusing inclinations, and it is fun trying to figure out what kinds of wood they are.
Several of the families that work there lost their homes during the flooding a couple of years ago that made national news. And it's great to support a "Made in the USA" product!

Scherr's Scherr's Scherr's!

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I absolutely love Brian at the Cabinet Joint.com. They use Conestoga cabinets. I'll continue to order from them a little at a time, since I can't afford all my beaded inset cabinets at once.

I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say. His patience and clear instructions are fantastic. The invoice is a bit weird to understand, but he'll read you through it.

I've gotten so good at their cabinets I can put a wall cabinet together in less than 15 minutes. I think it takes longer for the glue to dry than it does me putting it together. Oh - and no brackets or cams.

What can I say? They're great and I'm evidently a Whiz.

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Thanks so much for all your great advice. This is the last time I will be able to do a full remodel of my kitchen and I am wanting to do it right. Off to check out some of your new suggested sites. Enjoy your day!!!

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I have a friend that has a rolling island and she loves the fact she can move it around her room. The only con I can see is not being able to have an electrical outlet in it. Any thoughts here?

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Sounds like you may be convinced, but I'll chime in too: we used Barker and are very happy. Installation (did it ourselves) was very straightforward, and similar to Ikea. Scherr's was not affordable for us. Chad is indeed very helpful and the only issue we had (missing a small piece of hardware) was resolved immediately (they sent it right out).

I finished the drawer boxes myself and had a local shop stain and finish the doors. They elected to slightly 'ease' the edges because they're custom cabinetmakers and thought the edges were too sharp. Otherwise they were quite complimentary about them. Ours are alder and the grain is very nice, and even though alder is on the soft side, a year of daily use by our family of four hasn't left any visible dings or dents.

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