Making a cone shaped "pillow"

oldalgebraOctober 13, 2013

Hello Sewers,

I am usually posting on the Holiday Forum, but thought this might be the best place to get my questions answered.

Originally, I saw this little felt tree on Pinterest. Perfect for my 1-1/2 year old granddaughter.

When I went to look for it again, I did a search and came across this one.

I'd prefer to make the 3D one, but I have the funny feeling it might be more difficult than it looks.

If I could find a pattern, I could always enlarge it, but I've had no luck.

1. Do you have any suggestions about sewing a large, cone-shaped pillow?
Surely, I must sew the cone first, stuff it, and then the bottom - right?

2. Is there something special I do to keep the sides from being lumpy when I stuff it? Do you think it might be made with a heavy fabric first and then covered in felt?

3. What is the best material to use to stuff it? (I'm looking for something inexpensive, if possible.)

4. Any general thoughts?

Any tips you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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1. I think you will start with a half circle of fabric? When you wrap to sew, leave opening for stuffing in the side seam. Go ahead and attach the round bottom.
2. If you will put a layer of batting to the inside of the cone before sewing and filling, it will hide lumps. The felt could be the main fabric.
3. If a pillow, I would think polyfil would not be too bags from sewing store, or Walmart.
Good luck! That is very cute! Oh, another idea for trimming the tree- you might want to stitch on before stuffing-- or you could use a good glue.

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Thank you so much. Batting never occurred to me. You see, I don't really sew - I just thread the machine and press the foot peddle. Batting makes perfect sense.

It's not really a pillow. It's for play. As felt sticks to felt, the ornaments should stick on the tree so that my little babe can decorate and redecorate to her hearts content.
She's just starting to learn her colors and the names of animals, so there's plenty of chances to work in learning games with this too.

Again, thanks for responding so quickly with the tips. I hope to shop for the materials this week.

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I have one more question.
I'd like to put some weight in the bottom of the cone (perhaps sew some kind of weight between two layered circles before I sew it to the cone sides).

I think it will need the weight, so it won't topple over when she "smoothes" the ornaments on.

Do you know of any material/beading that I might use? I'm afraid of sand, as it will no doubt leak out, even if I double bag it.

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Cute tree...for weights, you could sew a large '.bean bag' and fill it with pie weights, or even fishing weights. Just be sure the weighted bag is sewn well, and then again sewn well into the tree. (if that makes sense). You don't want a little one to ever get ahold of the weights.

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Or for the weight you could also use unpopped popcorn,rice or beans.If I were doing it though I would put the rice,beans or popcorn in a bag of it's own,even a Ziploc before inserting it in the tree.

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Thanks for all the good ideas.
I've finished the project and have posted the results on the Holiday Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toddler's Christmas Tree.

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