Heavyweight terry cloth source(s)?

keithruckOctober 16, 2009

I'd like to make some oversized bath towels out of the same heavyweight terrycloth that they make bathrobes out of- not the regular towel stuff. I've checked all the fabric stores in the area, and no-one carries it or even knows who to order it from.

Does anyone know of any web sources, and/or what I need to look for to make sure I'm getting the right stuff when ordering? For example, what the ounce weight of the heavyweight is?

I'm definitely looking for the raw material, both for cost and because I'm planning on making something more beach-towel size.


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Here's one of several sites found when I googled 'heavyweight terry cloth'. HTH

Here is a link that might be useful: fabric by the yard

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Thank you for your post; I had googled as well, the problem is that I'm not a textile person, so I'm not sure how to verify whether the cloth is really the "luxury hotel bathrobe" weight of material, or just the regular bathrobe material (vs regular towel material). The site you list was more helpful than most, because it lists the weight, but at 12oz that is only 30% more than the regular towel weight (9oz) which makes me think it is more on the regular bathrobe level instead of the luxury bathrobe level. How do I tell before buying? is there a rating system somewhere that tells me what each weight equates to?

Thank you,

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I've always just gone to fabric stores and looked at and felt the fabric for my projects. But I searched a little more and found this site that gives suggested uses for their different weights of terry. Hopefully you will get posts from someone with more terry experience.

Here is a link that might be useful: terry uses

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You can request samples from the supplier. I'm just wondering if you realize those heavy weight towels take forever to dry in the dryer. My dad purchased some and hated that they took so much energy to dry them.

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