Walmart in Atlanta area that still sells patterns and fabric???

janenOctober 4, 2010

Does anyone know of a Walmart in the Atlanta area that still sells patterns and fabric? Thanks for your help. Janen

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I was sad to see that our Super WalMart here in Peachtree City Ga, got rid of their sewing/fabric department last year. It is getting harder and harder to find good fabric stores. Good luck on your search. Are you sure that ANY WalMarts still carry fabric/patterns?

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The Super WalMart in my town, here in NV still has a fabric/pattern dept. It's smaller than a few years ago, but they are still getting supplies. It's sad that WalMart is no longer supporting the sewer/crafter, it's becoming a lost art. I have heard that the new CEO is thinking about bringing fabrics and patterns back to some of the more rural stores, but I don't know how true this is.

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I am in Hiram, GA. I have three Walmarts near me that sell fabric and patterns. The Douglasville store off Hwy 5 and Interstate 20, Powder Springs store off East West Connector and Powder Springs Road, Hiram store of Hwy 278/Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway. They closed out the fabric dept at the Thorton Road Walmart 2 years ago. I have heard that the one on Douglasville will be closing out sometime next year. The best of all three is the Hiram since they still have the big 12 foot rack of discounted or special priced fabrics. Some are a $1.00 a yard. I hope they don't all discontinue fabrics. It great when I need something fast instead of having to order it.

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Thanks so much graciesfire. I will have to go to the Hiram store when I'm out that way. I just went by the Tucker Walmart on Saturday and was shocked to see how they have completely remodeled the store and added groceries. They also have a new small section of sewing supplies with a few pre-packaged fabric in bundles of 1 1/2 yards, some patterns, notions, quilting supplies, etc. I was happy to see at least a few supplies.

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In our Wal-Mart in Poway, CA, we still have a fabric and pattern department, though it is small. But to show you that the person who designed the layout of the store is an idiot - the craft department is up next to Stationary (near the front) while fabrics and patterns are located next to shoes and electronics near the back. The sales clerks are frustrated because of the separation of fabric and crafts!

My mom's store in Tempe, AZ, also still has fabrics, patterns and crafts.


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We were in Southern Indiana over the holidays and went to a Walmart in Jasper, Indiana. They have a really nice crafrt/fabric department. Nice clean Walmart, too.

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