goes the remodel?

lavender_lassFebruary 7, 2012

Marti- I thought I'd start a new thread, so we could get an update, on your remodel. I know you've been working on flooring, ceiling ideas, the addition of the dining room and some other things, too. How's it going? Any new pictures?

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At a standstill. I'm still doing cabinets, and dh brought home a new can of stain that he thinks is perfect and I think is the same color I was using before. lol

I just asked him when he was going to go by the city to get the foundation inspection done and he said tomorrow. Uh huh.

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lavender_lass's going well? Did DH get to the city, today? Tell him, we all want to know how it went :)

It will all get easier, once you have some definite plans, with the dining room. Hopefully DH will turn on the charm and get that inspection done, so you can start building. I'm ready to fast forward to see what you're planning/planting for the courtyard, so I'm probably NO help, at all! LOL

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This is so frustrating. Yes, dh went to the city, and the secy said they were in the middle of negotiating contract with the company they've been using for inspections so she didn't know how much to charge him for the inspection, or when they would have a contract with the company so they could get them out here.

This city drives me nuts. I wish we could get de-annexed.

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Well, that's just ridiculous. So the entire city comes to a stand still...because they're negotiating a contract? Couldn't she have told you that, on the phone?

What a mess! :(

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Exactly what I thought.

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