This Months' Dwell Magazine (March)

jasonmi7February 8, 2008

Has a big article on homes under 1000 square feet. Very cool; but you have to like modern homes. Then again, even in modern homes, I believe they have a tendency to follow certain principles; how to develop the different spaces, how to put in things that take a lot of room (like stairs), how to get light and air in....

It's all good.

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I just got this issue. I like the comment about "reveal" - it is better to have a glimpse of some spaces and not have the entire space visible at a glance. It seems like a bigger living space if you have to go through individual spaces and cannot take it all in at once. I agree with this, however we just knocked down the wall between the kitchen and family room. Maybe I'll make some creative use of screens or something, lol.

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