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lavender_lassFebruary 7, 2012

I thought some of you might enjoy this thread. It's pretty humorous, there are some cute pictures...and there's a funny story about my horses :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to cottage garden forum

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Thanks, Lav.
I read the whole thread, very nice. My escapades in the garden are not that interesting. Unless you count the time my rope hammock busted and I fell unceremoniously to the ground--which was padded by lush monkey grass, thankfully.

Or the wintry day I was moving cement blocks in the rain. I had about 50 of them to move, to create a wall to hold back a terrace, so it was about 3 blocks tall. I was working hard, it was cold. But all of a sudden, I saw smoke. I turned my head and looked for something to be on fire. Did not see anything, so continued, saw the smoke again, and stopped dead still. Yeah, I was working so hard, I WAS SMOKING!!! My arm muscles were smoking, like a horse does in the winter time when it is exerting itself. So I was burning those calories that day!!

Another day in the garden, I'd come home from working offshore after 3 months away, and was running the lawn mower in the tall grass down my the bayou. This was at my beloved little bayou cottage, MoccasinLanding. I took the clipping bag to dump out, and when it came out, guess what came out with it? TWO big fat sections of a snake! The diameter of the snake was like my wrist, both sections were, and there was no head and no tail. Needless to say, I stopped cutting grass that day.

Likewise the day I was trimming bushes and left a pile until the next morning and went back to remove it to the front yard for trash pickup. I was using a heavy long handled garden rake, and when I picked up the entangled vines and branches, underneath the pile was this very unhappy SNAKE. I thought if I poked at it he'd run, but oh not so easy as that--he charged me--and I ran like a coward, into the house. I watched out the window to see what he'd do next, and he hung around for a little while, then slithered off into the patch of bamboo near the water.
I am not really afraid of snakes, but I have a healthy respect for the damage they can make me do to myself.

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