Where's Slow?

hrsgJanuary 29, 2008

Have not seen posts from her on the other side in quite awhile, and am concerned. Anyone know where she has wondered off to? On another road trip? Is her daughter doing okay?

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She posted Monday ( or later, I haven't checked that hard LOL). As far as I know everything is OK

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she was on yesterday, she's said she's having artist block and isn't making anything at the moment but she's looking for inspiration here

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Slow is fine ,nothing wrong so don't worry..a breather maybe??

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She's great! A very busy Texan lady!

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Well aren't y'all the little watchers?! Makes me feel good to know I'm missed. I don't know how life can get busier. Mosaic block for sure. I've made a Lazy Susan for Lally, and attached her stand to it. I've been cooking for a birthday gathering w/my three friends tomorrow, had weekend company, spent all day Monday in the Jeep Dealer, buying a new one, and today had errands to run. I simply can't come up w/an idea right now. Going to Dallas on Friday for the weekend, so when I come back, hopefully I'll have an idea, cuz I always go into withdrawals when away from home. Thank y'all for missing me. :

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Glad to hear everything is busy, but good. ~: )

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oh, slow....I'm so glad to hear that things are going okay with your daughter. I've been wondering how she was doing! Thanks for updating us.

"I don't know how life can get busier." I hear ya!!!

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