Anyone use GU-10 light bulbs?

desertstephFebruary 2, 2011

I'm looking at a few fixtures that use them - they're expensive! they won't be in places used a lot tho. there's plenty of light inside during the day time here in AZ (w/2 skylights and big windows).

Is the light coming from them normal tho? I've heard some not so good comments about some of the new bulbs and don't know if these are it...

the fixture isn't that expensive - 25.00, but the bulbs will make up for it!

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Not sure which kind you will want to use. I searched for GU10 and found they come in LED and CFL . An 11 watt CFL (compact florescent light) at Amazon costs 8.99 and is good for 10,000 hours.

I was thinking of the old type that I once had, which were halogen, and boy did they put out the heat! That is why I looked it up to see if these were like those old style. I am pretty satisfied that they are NOT the ones which put out so much heat, a big no-no in Arizona or Alabama for that matter.

The bulbs are bound to come down in price at some point in the future, but when is a question to ask yourself.

I've never used the new style GU10 bulbs, so cannot advise you about how they last.

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Are GU10 and CFL bulbs interchangable? I know that the CFl have a regular Edison base, but I thought the GU10 have a two-prong base - is that not so?

I'm not ready for my remodeling yet, but I'm very interested learning about energy efficiency in preparation.

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thx! that's the problem ML - when I looked up online to check prices there was so much different info on it!

I thought the CFL bulbs were the curly ones... I am so NOT new light bulb smart... I guess my 'bulb' is growing dim - lol!

I think these are mini looking flood lights.

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I looked at all the Amazon GU10 bulbs, and I think they had the two prongs also shown for the CFL bulbs. That was what I was really looking for. The CFL can have a tiny screw-in base like a candelabra bulb, or it can have a large screw-in base. I do not know if they are limited to screw-ins or not, but I was checking that to see. Amazon has a large selection of bulbs available, so I'd check them very closely.

At my house, I am intent of keeping things as simple as possible. The fewer KINDS of bulbs that I have to keep for spares/replacements is getting pretty complicated. About as hard as keeping batteries, you know. I hate it when my TV remote goes dead and I don't have the right size battery!

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ok, forget the GU-10 bulbs... the pic i posted above takes a R20 bulb. another fixture i might get takes the GU-10...

the R20 also has LED, halogen, florescent, incandescent and ? (is there anything else?). why do they do this to us? it's so confusing! (their goal?)

these bulbs are expensive also - how expensive depends on which option above you buy. the Lowe's site doesn't say which tho. maybe the pkg in store will... maybe it doesn't matter?

major sigh! all this thought into a light bulb? good grief!

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I went to HD today and gave myself a lesson in! from what I found in their bulb aisle, the GU10 are smaller than the R20. both look like mini flood lights. both said 'halogen'. didn't see any other options for them. They had a display of globes with bulbs in them - lit. 1 halogen, 1 CFL and 1 regular. they all looked the same to me. light/color wise, not the shape of the bulb.

which kind is the coolest (heat wise) - and easy on the eyes for reading purposes?

in all the time I've spent at both stores looking at lights I've managed to actually buy 1. a 10.00 single bulb light for the entryway.

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