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MarioN.July 27, 2014

Looking to do something with this unsightly radiator in my living room that looks like something out of a Freddy Kruger Film. I was thinking about covering it with something, maybe a shell. This puppy makes heat and on the other side of it in my bedroom is the exit vent. I think it would be ok to cover it, measurements would have to be no smaller than 72" tall by 17" wide and 6" depth. I just need ideas on what to use to cover it...there is going to be a big picture put on my wall that will be black and white with some specs of red, blue, green, and yellow (some ideas on a frame would work too!)

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wow, never saw a radiator like that. I live in NE and have the old fashion cast iron ones.........Perhaps hide it with a grandfather's clock, where the air flow could still circulate around it. Will await further answers

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Those look like air intake vents at the top and bottom. I don't think it's a good idea to cover it completely. You could paint it to match the wall. Or place a free-standing panel angled and in front of it - pull the black chair forward.

What would annoy the heck out me is that thermostat.

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Make a radiator cover for it.

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Is this a rented house? If you can't change your heater for something smaller, than I would paint it the same color as your walls. Pull your chair out a little and put a table with a lamp on it which should effectivly cover/hide the unit. A cover like Tibbix suggested would work also but painted the color of the wall.

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I would not paint the heater itself. It's a heater, after all!

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All good advice. I don't think painting a heater might work, though, and I can't get it replaced by the landlord. I can't place anything in that spot since the chair is a recliner, either! Mr. Bosco Love Cuddles (my cat) likes to hide in his carrier sometimes from me to seek privacy. In a pickle I am. I COULD do a cover, but those things are expensive to make, I mean it would have to be custom-made and when I move out it will be utterly useless (Could also be a sculpture piece in the future, too)! Anyone know a good site where I can get this done?

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You could use Hi temp paint. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: example high temp paint

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You can make it yourself; cheap boards cut to size, and piece of metal sheeting in a pattern you like stapled to the inside of the boards, and paint it.

Then leave it as a courtesy for the next occupant. Or, ask your landlord to either make it, have it made, or pay for the materials. He/she should, since it would not only be a permanent fixture but would definitely improve rental ability.

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You might consider investing in a louvered folding screen and placing that in front of it. You could take it with you when you leave.

Here is a link that might be useful: louvered folding screen

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I kind-of like it...
But if your not going for that industrial look I can see how it might offend you.
I wish people would tell me the sum of monies they are willing to spend or what their DIY skill level is !?!
You can get a shoji screen like this one for about $100.
I would replace the rice paper with a metal sheeting like the type Tibbrix has shown.

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Yes -- another vote for a tall decorative screen -- and hang something with some depth over the control button on the main wall ......

Could you re-arrange the furniture slightly when you get the screen -- maybe add an end table at the opposite end of the sofa -which could hide the cat carrier?

Here is a link that might be useful: World Market -- shinto screen

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Yes! I can wrap that shoji with sheet metal. Totally can do the table thing for my Mr. Kittens. and the painting/fixture over the control --BRILLIANT, I was trying to look at paintings to put on that wall but every one of them got in the way of the thermostat but a canvas with depth will work (maybe a bit expensive, but I'm willing to put down some green for this particular piece)--I mean seriously its the most terrible place to install one. When I have my own's going to be remote control ha ha

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I don't think your thermostat will work properly if it is covered (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Here is an idea to make thermostats look less obvious:

You need not follow it slavishly. I think the point is if you have enough going on on the wall, the thermostate won't be noticed.

Google "disguising thermostats" for more ideas

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I think you also want easy access to your thermostat.

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I think if this is a rental unit, you learn to accept or pay for damages when you leave or while you are there, if it creates a fire.

Having said that, you should seek your landlord and professional HVAC opinions before investing any time or materials into obscuring. To me, I accept it for what it is. I was a military wife. I learned to grow where I was planted. I had one of these similar units in a home in California. I accepted it for what it was, and knowing it was temporary made it easier to live with.

Sometimes you draw more attention to something by trying to hide it than ignoring it. I recall a decorator telling me about something I had once that I considered an eyesore, to "ignore it, you can't do anything about it and no one else cares, so just ignore it and quit making yourself miserable."

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maybe an old shutter....

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If it's any consolation - that is not the worst wall heater I've ever seen.

I'd be very careful about trying to cover it - you don't want to cause a fire hazard.

If it were mine --- I'd use the shoji screen idea to camouflage it during the warm seasons, but when I was using the heater I would not put anything near it.

When I saw your cat carrier my first thought was "Oh how sweet; she loves her kitty." It is not an eyesore at all.

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Are you sure that is a radiator? It looks like an old gas wall furnace to me. If it is a gas wall furnace, you can NOT cover it up with anything. If your not certain what it is , ask your landlord.

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