Calamity_JJanuary 9, 2005

New year's eve my furnace went on the blink..died. I bought it 2yrs ago and one month. Warranty expired at 2yrs. Part takes 10 days and $330./plus 13% tax to get here. I am grateful that my dear friend Klinger asked her FIL to help me cuz he got it going for now. My DD, 20yrs, is living with me again and driving me nuts, she's a slob!! My x has come back into my life after 4 yrs separation, wanting to get back together, which terrifies me, who by the way was just in a terrible car accident, one month in hospital, just about lost an arm. It's snowing and I'm worried about driving in it and also my furnace dying. We usually only get like 2inches of snow and it's like 18 inches already, I think I need to go take a walk this evening and just enjoy it while we have it!! I know people have it worse than me, and I know I'll get thru this and I know this isn't supposed to be a journal but I'm so stressed out and am not even doing any crafty stuff!!! Geesh!!

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Oh, C-Jane,
So sorry...I'd be freaking too if there were 18" of snow and an iffy furnace. Do you have any small heaters around, just in case? If not, and you can spare $30, I think I'd make a trip to Lowe's and get one (or two)
I can sympathize about the DD...I have a DEAR Step Son, who is such a good kid, but, he's a slob, too. One of his worst habits is coming in, sitting down on the sofa and taking off his size 13 brogans then his smelly socks. Then he leaves both of them right there. There are some more bad habits, but, I won't go into those here and now.
Our house isn't that large, so staying organized is fairly critical.
Your ex wants to get back together after 4 years...sounds like his wreck knocked his head as well...Tread carefully.

While you're experiencing unusual snow, here in NC, we're experiencing almost 2 weeks of unusually warm weather. 70 to 75 degrees...have worn shorts this past week. January and February are ususally yucky...We had unusual light dusting of snow the week before Christmas and Christmas night...then temps went to 15 degrees. Then 70's. My flowers are scratching their little heads. They are sooo confused...Someone on Carolina Gardening Forums said they couldn't do anything about they were going to enjoy it. I'm trying to follow their lead.


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Wow CalamityJ...everything seems to pile up all at once but i have to admit my first thought on the furnace was the money you have to spend on a @#$%(@$* furnace when you could spend it on glass - life ______s sometimes.
I agree with Kimmy's comment about treading carefully with your X!!
My recipe for relieving stress is breaking go break some glass!!!!!

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Stxmona, I was going to suggest "smashing" some plates!!

I don't mean to make light of stressful situations, but I find if I focus on something else it helps...doesn't go away but takes my mind off of it "temporarily"!!

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Last night my car was stolen so I don't have to worry about driving in the ice and snow..... life is strange!

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C-Jane...Your Car Was STOLEN? I'll be thinking of you! Where was it? Outside your home? Scary.
Again, I'm thinking of you.
When it rains it pours, it seems.

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You are kidding right???? I think you need to read your "horrorscope" right away!!
Try and keep up some positive thoughts!! Mosaics, mosaics mosaics, breaking glass, breaking glass, breaking glass.....and on and on and on

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Jane, you really are having a run of bad luck.
Try to pamper yourself as much as possible and make sure you don't let yourself get run down!
As far as the ex, I too would tread very carefully
...not a good sign that it "terrifies you"!
Maya Angelou once said that people will tell you who they are.

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Yup, I spent 2hrs shoveling my driveway so some thief could more easily steal my car! The police phoned this morning and have found it, all beat up with a flat tire. It's at an impound yard so I havta go take a look at it. My furnace is working, and as for my x.... I'm gonna go slow! Thanks for all your concern! This too shall pass! Now you know why I'm called Calamity!

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Jane, maybe you should change your name and your luck will follow....LuckyJane, StressfreeJane, ...LOL
You know how you always feel better when you are wearing something that you really like? Well maybe it is the same with names!
At another forum I use the name Serendipity which is a lot more interesting than annsb :0)

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Have things settled down for you? I hope so!


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