RECIPE: Canola Oil is poison

askahomeopathDecember 5, 2006

Here are some links about Canola oil. The people who are saying it is good for you have not read or studied any information about it.

Dr. Alva Irish

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I guess critical thinking skills are still not very important.
Sad, isn't it ,how so many people are still taken in and then go and spread the mis-truths in the false and mistaken belief that they are doing the readers a favor.

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I think the point is since the verdict is out on Canola Oil, why not use oils that do not pose health dangers and are not in question.

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As for me, Snopes does not have the final word on fact or fiction. The more I research the foods I eat or don't eat the more I realize that just because the FDA says it is safe to eat doesn't make it so. More and more of our foods are coming from GMOs. I am taking responsibility for my food intake. I am critically looking at all the data I can find. It takes time but not as much time or money as trying to survive a potentially fatal disease such as cancer or heart disease or diabetes or even malnutrition while eating a supposedly balanced diet.

Has anyone read "Coming Home To Eat" by Gary Paul Nabhan or "The Omnivore's Dilemia" by Michael Pollen? You will soon learn that even our food is governed by politics.

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