Mold in Body Butter

elle110December 10, 2003

Hi Everyone and Happy Holidays,

I need help with a couple of by body butter which have turned up with mold in them. I use Liquipar for a preservative but was never 100% sure if adding enough.

My earlier body butters were too concetrated and kind of cakey but I found out it was because I was not adding enough emulsifying wax and that was why I could not add anymore water that I was. So I resolved that issue and now have very creamy butter.

So what happened, I found 2 of my stock butters with a small amount of black mold ( they were only about a month old) I did not find any others in my stock with this issue. Then a friend of mine who had some of the original cakey butter said hers had alot of mold. She did tell me she was adding oil to it to make it creamier. Could her adding oil to it make the preservative ratio screwed up (at the time I had the cakier butter I was adding a very small amt of Liquipar). But that does not explain these two I have here with mold.

Now I really wish I had been putting a batch # or something on these. I am really nervous someone else (like an internet customer) will end up with mold in there butter.

One thing that is intersting, I have an original body butter still in my stock that is fine.

I am so glad the holidays are almost over. I just started doing this in August and it took off really fast, so fast I have not been able to really stop and see where my product is, how I want it etc. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the wonderful business I have but I have got to regroup.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give


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I didn't know it would mold. I make a whipped body butter and I have never added any kind of preservative to mine. Now I am wondering. My body butter is made from cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil. I whip it to get it light and fluffy. That's all that I put in mine. I sell mine, too, and now I am worried about mold, although the recipe that I originally ran across said nothing about the possibility of mold.

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Its because I put filtered water in mine as well, the water causes mold if a preservative is not used.

Do you melt your butters down before whipping? The problem I had with just using butters and oil was the greasiness of the butter, the water breaks it down so it is alot more like a thick cream with out the messy oil.

I don't think yours is going to mold


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I soften mine, not really melted. Especially the cocoa butter. The shea butter is already soft enough to whip well without melting any. I just put them in a bowl and use my beater to whip it. I add a little almond oil at a time until it is the consistany I want, then I let it sit overnight so I can see what consistany it will be when it is completely cooled. If needed, I add more almond oil.

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