Do you have a favorite bath salt recipe?

kim0201December 9, 2006

There are SO many great sounding recipes on the internet for bath salts. I saw one tonight where someone adds powdered milk to her mix which sounds interesting. I was thinking about making some bath salts for my female cousins/inlaws. I like to do small gifts for everyone & thought these might be quick to make and EZ to ship.

I was just wondering if you would mind sharing your favorite recipe here. Thank you & happy holidays.

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I don't use a recipe.
I like several things in mine and the rest is up to my mood, or what's in the ingredient cupboard.
I like sea salt and epsom salt. I also like to mix in a bit of collidial oatmeal. (Aveeno~but Walmart has a knock off that is much cheaper, and I use that.) Sometimes I'll grate in some "butter", or mix in a bit of good "skin" oil. Glycerin is a nice medium to mix in the scent and color. But if a person has trouble with yeast infections, then adding "sugar" to their bath is not a good idea. In that case just use a nice oil. Jojoba, rice bran, safflower. Stuff like that. Powdered milk is a nice touch, powdered goat milk too...Really the sky is the limit.

Just play, have fun, and let everyone enjoy the good stuff!

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Thanks Terri. You've given me some good food for thought. Now it's just time for me to get creative. Happy holidays.

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Kim, what did you come up with?

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