lip balm flavorings (follow up)

chandreaDecember 14, 2007



I was following a link from google and landed at this site.

My search was for "lip balm flavorings", and I ran across a forum post query about lip balm flavorings and the lack of sweetner in them.

I was going to respond to the post in question, but, by the time that I registered, and tried to find the post in question again, I became hopelessly lost.

I'm posting this because I think that it might be of some help to those people that enjoy making lip balms.

- my response -

Most lip flavorings aren't made to taste, but, to smell only.

Licking your lips can cause them to chap (which is what you're using the lip balm to prevent)

Plus, your saliva has digestive enzymes in it (it's what helps to break down the food that you chew before swallowing).

Google "chapped lips, licking, digestive enzymes" to further read about that.

When I sell my balms, I *always* encourage my customers 'not' to lick their lips.

I use "SoapCrafters" for most of my flavorings and ingredients. I've used several other sources, but, haven't found any of the others to have the quality that SoapCrafters maintains in their lip balm ingredients.

Good luck and best wishes.


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I have not tried the SoapCrafters flavor oils. I have tried the ones from the Good results. Also, if one wants sweetened flavors, they sell one called Sugar Kisses.

BTW, I suspect licking your lips too often is not good for them, but not because of digestive enzymes in saliva. The only digestive enzyme contained in saliva, digests starch.

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